One night in Vegas....

So..I haven't blogged for about six weeks! I have just started a full-time job working at Jack Wills and I'm doing 5 days a week and I'm struggling to find the balance between blogging and working. But I've had time off thanks to all this snow SO I thought I'd do a quick post.

Last weekend I went to a family friends Eighteenth and the theme was 'Vegas' so I opted for an incredibly unsubtle look -fake tan, extensions, bright red lip, massive falsies and copious sprinklings of glitter!

Eylure False Lashes in 107
MAC Carbon on my upper and lower lashline and extended it to a very OTT kitten flick
I then used Barry M's silver glitter eye crayon aalll over the lid.

MAC lip liner in Cherry
MAC lipstick in Lady Danger
Lipcote to seal

Hair Extensions:
Foxy Locks - Light ash blonde

I love them! Above you can see that I have cut them to slightly different lengths so they look more natural and that is how they look when I wear all of the extensions - I would only do so on a night-out. I clip most of my natural hair back when I wear them as the colour match isn't quite right thanks to a hairdresser who felt it appropriate to put some low lights through my hair to make it 'softer' and 'more natural' ppfffffft! So until I get my bleach on that's how I will wear them!

I have actually been wearing the shorter extensions every day.
You can sort of see-(ish) how that looks in this pic:

That's all for now..lots more posts coming soon I promise! - I also need to notify the winners of my last two giveaways.

Hope you are all well and I leave you with these pictures.


London Fashion Weekend Video and Vlog

This is a rubbish, super quick update but my best friend has the photos from the Marie Claire talk and is being USELESS at sending them to me (yes gaby-useles!!) and that is what I really want to do a post on SO this is just in case you haven't seen the video/pictures/vlog from London Fashion Weekend!


The last week in pictures...

I got a puppy!


PAM London national makeup competition

PAM London national makeup competition

If you're a make-up addict you will probably have heard of PAM. Like most people I found this fantastic website when, after some serious googling, I realised it was the ONLY place in the UK where you could buy MUFE products online. Since realising this I have purchased 2 foundations, the concealer palette and the HD powder from the website and have previously mentioned how great their customer service is.

So when this email popped up in my Inbox containing the details of a competition PAM are holding I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea as I know some fellow bloggers and tweeters are currently studying to become MUA's and I really hope they enter!!

The details

To celebrate the launch of their new student section on the site, PAM are currently running a national competition for makeup students, offering the chance to win a £500 voucher to use in the shop, and a day on a film set with Kate Benton and Jan Sewell.

The competition closes in January 2011.

All candidates must complete two make up’s on the same model and supply a small written piece explaining what was used and how it was done along with their CV to:
The guidelines for the makeup:
1) The first make-up must be a straight make up. If you are using a male as your model, this could include facial hair either laid on or made, or it could just be simple corrective makeup.
2)The second make up is up to the candidate. It must NOT be horror or monster – we want the candidate to show their creative flare here. For example, it could be ageing, small pieces to change the shape of a face or alopecia
Images of the make-up must be presented on three A4 photographs. One of these photographs must be the models face with no make up, one with the straight make-up and one with the concept make-up. The images cannot be tampered with in any way.
More details can be found by clicking the link above.
Let me know if any of you enter and good luck!




TRESemme Waterless Foam and Beachy Waves

*Hair Care*

I stopped straightening my hair exactly a year ago (Except for the odd special occasion - but before that I straightened it every day!) and below are some pictures of how I wore it on my recent holiday to Spain. Tomorrow I am going to record a video tutorial of how I style my hair and my hair care and products used. I will post the video here and also write-up the step-by-step guide and the products used.



I'm just going to add a few photos from Spain mainly to illustrate my hair, make-up and outfit choices. I kept my makeup very very simple - I used the EXACT same face products every night and only used eye liner on two nights, I mainly experimented with lots of new MAC lipsticks! - I will be doing some tutorials very very soon.


Lancome Week Three - All the outfits!


Teint Miracle Foundation

Lancome Teint Miracle


Lancome Week Two - All the outfits!


Dress: New Look
Scarf: Alexander Mcqueen
& Black tights


Dress: Topshop
Blazer: Topshop
& Black tights


Dress: Topshop
Cardigan: Oasis
Robes: Exeter University!


Shirt dress: Topshop
Belt: Oasis
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Leggings: Primark


Dress worn underneath: H&M
Flowery dress: Topshop
Cardigan: Zara


Lancome Week One!

My week began on Tuesday morning at 10am. Or actually, 10:04am as I arrived a bit late (story of my life...) I was met by Kati and we went to get my PASS - this was exciting but I was not prepared to have to have my photo taken!


Little Update

This is just a super quick update!

As you all know I started my internship at Lancome on Tuesday, I will be doing a week-by-week diary of my time there but for now I will just say I'm loving it but felt absolutely dreadful all week - assumed it was just because I wasn't used to early starts/long hours but by Friday I had an absolutely agonising pain in my jaw, ear and throat and felt so awful I just knew I had tonsillitis (again!) so off I went to the doctors and 3 days of penicillin later I feel much much better.

Has anyone had their tonsils out? I get it all the time and am pretty fed up of it as it makes me feel dire but I'm not too keen on having them removed either....share your stories please?

Below is a picture from today, not a fantabulous photo by any means (I look like a ghost, in my defense I have tonsillitis) but just showing off our outfits.


Best friends 21st .Pictures, Outfits and Gift idea.

On Sunday it was my best friend Gaby's 21st Birthday...


The Body Shop Event - Video


Lumecin Review.

Lumecin Review.


Fixing smashed bronzers and powders.

Are you useless like me? I am forever slinging my bag onto the desk/car seat/floor/wherever without pausing to think that I have expensive powders and compacts which, not surprisingly, break if subjected to constantly being thrown around. Subsequently, I am often greeted with the heart breaking sight of the contents of my compacts splattered all over my make-up bag and shattered into thousands of pieces.




First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:

First Prize:

Easy Lounger Lip gloss - Light baby pink with multidimensional pearland Lazy Day Lipstick -Light dirty blue pink (Lustre)

(My bestie saw the black MAC parcel and opened it, she was literally JUST about to open these when I ran over ninja-style [not really] and shouted 'Nonononononono you can't open them because they're err..uhmm......err.... a PRESENT for.......someone' [No-one knows about my blog!!!] so that's why they're no longer in the Black MAC box but they haven't been

Second prize:

Three (different) sets of False Eyelashes from Revlon.

Third Prize:

2X Bottles of Batiste and Revolon Nail varnish in 'Posh Pink'

I will have another check through the comments to see if I can contact the winners by email/twitter but if you've WON and you're reading this then please email me !

Thanks so much to every one who entered. I've just reached 700 but I wont have another giveaway yet as obviously I bought all the prizes myself so I will wait until 800 or 900..maybe even 1,000 (wishful thinking?) before the next one - but it will be even better!



OOTD - Casual and Work

Hey all,

I have quite a few blog posts planned for the next few days/weeks. These include:

-Announcing the winner of my Competition (it's taking much longer than I thought as I need to go through and see who tweeted/blogged about it as that counts as 3 entries, and some people commented twice etc etc so I want it to be fair!)-Liz Earle Eye Bright soothing Eye Lotion Review
-Lumecin Review
-Wen haircare Review
-Some BLISS Skincare Reviews
-Summer Clothing Haul
-MUFE Haul

And more regular updates, OOTD's and FOTD'S etc! As I am now officially on a 'Gap Yah'!
The first Outfit is from last week when I was travelling back down to Exeter. It was the most simple-of-simple outfits - A white tee and Blue Jeans.

The top and the Jeans are both from Topshop. This outfit is, in one sense, ridiculously boring but also an absolute classic! I recently read a post by the lovely Belle Du Jour who blogged all about her fashion inspiration and she wears an almost identical outfit to me but demonstrates perfectly how you can really 'make' an outfit by accessorizing.

Et voila:

(The Lovely BelleDuJour click for her amazing Blog or her Youtube)

The second outfit of the day is from Monday when I went up to MCA to cover for the staff who were all at a Charity Ball in Spain along with my parents (Lucky lucky people)! I look a little bit like an escaped mental patient and I did 'uhm' and 'aah' about posting it as It was taken at about 7pm after I'd got back from work - so 12 hours of make-up sliding off my face combined with lovely English drizzle all day - But I did rather love my outfit so just try focus on that and ignore the vacant death stare (and the 8 week roots)...

Dress: Mango
Blazer: Topshop
Scarf: Alexander McQueen


MyPure Reviews and HUUUGEE Haulage

Lovea Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo and A'Kin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist Review.
I was sent these two products to review (along with lots of other bloggers!) and I have a very positive and high opinion of both of the products. The serum, I didn't like as much, but am giving to my mum to try out to see if it works better on maturer skin (considering it is an anti-aging serum I'm assuming this will be the case!) ANYWAY onto the reviews.



Hello lovelies! I am back for a few days from University so have lots and lots of blog posts scheduled!


Competition Update & FINISHED UNIVERSITY


I've finished University...


An Award and a Bare Minerals FOTD

I cannot take photos of myself! Dear god, those two were the best of about 100 attempts - how shocking is that. How do you all do it without feeling like a right twit? Also, I'm at Uni so I don't have my camera so photobooth photos will have to suffice i'm afraid - so lucky you lot get goofy photos and bad quality..i'm such a good blogger.


Topshop Make-Up!

Topshop Make-Up. Review and Swatches.


Simple & Quick & Cheap - Home-Made Exfoliator.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
...and that's it!


Xen Tan: Once A Week Self-Tan - Review.

I purchased Xen Tan after reading positive reviews by Hannah and Talita and decided I would use it the night before going to ''The Casino' (a nightclub in Guildford which is in no-way a Casino - the new owner intended to turn it into a Casino but the council denied the request so they called it 'The Casino' regardless to annoy the council. Childish yet hilarious).


'Lit from within'

After reading Laura's update about how she likes her cheeks to look 'lit from within' I immediately purchased Nars Penny Lane to add to my cheek collection and as I was going out last night I decided to incorporate it into my routine in an attempt to re-create her pretty blush look!

Et Voila..


Just a little FOTD

- clinique even better foundation
- bourjoius healthy mix concealer
-mac msf -medium
- elf mineral booster - sheer


Revlon Minted Review


Nude Cleansing Facial Oil - Review

I purchased this a few months ago and used it once. The first time I used it I was overwhelmed by the smell of the product and regretted purchasing it as it was so thick and oily in consistency (should really have gathered that from the name) and I decided that I couldn't possibly use it as I had oily skin and it would break me out, so it got thrown to the back of my drawer not to re-emerge until I left my other cleanser at home.


'Extension-free' - I don't think so.

Regardless of the constant drama surrounding her love life at least Cheryl Cole can relax knowing that she will no longer be subject to any drama surrounding her next set of hair adverts.

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