An Award and a Bare Minerals FOTD

I cannot take photos of myself! Dear god, those two were the best of about 100 attempts - how shocking is that. How do you all do it without feeling like a right twit? Also, I'm at Uni so I don't have my camera so photobooth photos will have to suffice i'm afraid - so lucky you lot get goofy photos and bad quality..i'm such a good blogger.


MUFE HD Foundation in Soft Sand applied with Mac 188
Bare Minerals - Applied with BM Kabuki Brush
Bare Minerals Bronzer - Faux Tan
MAC blusher - well dressed (apples only)
MAC Blot powder - medium/dark

I had an exam at 9:30 am yesterday and had about 3 hours sleep before it, so I crashed yesterday evening and fell asleep with my mascara on so the mascara pictures above is a mix of yesterdays and todays (yes...gross I know. I managed to take my face make up off but was just too tired to faff around removing the stupid amount of mascara I wear) and on the lips I'm wearing a Dior lip balm which i'm testing out.

By the way -
MUFE HD foundation is over rated.

I will do a proper review on it at some point but I just thought i'd throw it out there as I purchased it expecting some magical elixir in a bottle and, really, it's just pretty nice foundation - nothing amazing or magical sadly. I still have one exam left which is next Saturday so I still have lots of blog posts to catch up on and things to review!

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