Non Surgical Rhinoplasty / Nose Job At Botonics By Naruschka Review | Before & After

7 Years ago (seven, to be precise) I underwent a septo-rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum. The end result left me with a straighter and slightly smaller nose, but as the operation was not purely cosmetic I definitely did not have a ‘cute’ nose and there were lots of things I still disliked about its appearance. I had a bump on the bridge which was visible from my side profile, my nose curved to the side which was visible from the front, I had a number of small indentations/depressions on the nose from the surgery and my septum was still uneven. These were all pretty minor imperfections but overall they really bothered me! 

I wanted my nose to look smaller from the side profile, straighter from the front, the tip to be slightly lifted and any lumps/bumps/depressions smoothed out. As you can see from all of the before and after photos this is exactly what was achieved!

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