Xen Tan: Once A Week Self-Tan - Review.

I purchased Xen Tan after reading positive reviews by Hannah and Talita and decided I would use it the night before going to ''The Casino' (a nightclub in Guildford which is in no-way a Casino - the new owner intended to turn it into a Casino but the council denied the request so they called it 'The Casino' regardless to annoy the council. Childish yet hilarious).

I apply all of my fake tans with the Soltan mit (£3 from Boots) and not with the rubber gloves which I received with my Xen Tan as I find using gloves means you get streaks and 'finger marks' whereas using a mit really does enable a flawless application of fake tan.

My first thoughts regarding this tan is the smell - it smells like vanilla! This is the very first and I believe only fake tan on the market which has a pleasant smell when applied. The smell if the first advantage it has over it's competitors on the market and the second is that it feels like a moisturiser. After applying St Tropez you're left looking muddy and feeling sticky until you wash it off - with Xen Tan I felt as if i was applying a moisturiser and it dried completely within about 5 minutes. The real bonus for me was when I applied this to my face and found that it did not leave my skin feeling dry and tight (St Tropez feels disgusting on your face) but fresh and moisturised which lasted until the next morning. Xen Tan contains 'shea butter, vitamin e and anti-oxidants' whoever decided to add these ingredients I applaud you as they honestly make such a difference. It is effortless to apply, you can get dressed 5 minutes later and not spend the rest of the time feeling sticky and walking awkwardly and it leaves your skin feeling thoroughly moisturised and smelling like vanilla.
As I applied it I have to admit I was slightly worried, anyone that uses St Tropez knows you can really see it once you've applied it! The guide colour of St Tropez is very very dark whereas the guide colour ('the sheer instant colour') of the Xen Tan is, exactly as it states on the bottle, sheer. This means you can apply Xen Tan to your face and leave the house looking only slightly bronzed and smelling great whereas with other fake tans (e.g St Tropez) there is no way you could go out and about with the guide colour on because you look as though you've landed face-first in a pile of mud.

But due to the light nature of the guide colour I did worry that I wouldn't turn very brown.
.....I was wrong!

The fantastic thing about this tanner is that there is no hint of orange to it. The pictures above are after one application of the fake tan and as you can see I am definitely brown. The picture on the right clearly shows that Xen Tan gives a fantastic colour after just one application.

The weekly tan boasts a 'New time release ingredient' and I have absolutely no idea how they have achieved this or the science behind it - but the tan lasted on my face for 3 days with no re-application which is amazing considering I would have washed my face at least 5/6 times. I often find that I am left with either a white face and orange body or vice versa but this tan did not fade immediately and when it did it faded evenly. By Friday (5 days after application) it had faded from my face and thus I really needed to scrub it off my body - which is never easy with a fake tan and Xen Tan is not much different. I have had tonsillitis so perhaps if I had been exfoliating and moisturising I could have made the tan last 7 days.

Overall this tan leaves you with a very natural sun-kissed tan with no hint of orange. I believe you are left a colour similar to that of St Tropez however Xen Tan has several significant advantages with regards to smell, ease of application, comfort after application, longevity and beneficial ingredients. Xen Tan Once A Week Self-Tan retails at £25.95 the St Tropez bronzing lotion retails at £20. Both are expensive but I believe for a bit more money you do get a nicer feeling, longer lasting tan using Xen Tan. The reason I rated it 9.5 instead of 10 is because of the price tag - it is expensive and I appreciate that lots of people would not want to spend just over £25 on a fake tan.

But you can call me a Xen-Tan convert
- I will definitely be re-purchasing!



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