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Face of Last Night!

I have also decided, whilst perusing the photos from last night, that on the contrary to closing my eyes due to extreme drunkenness - I am, in fact, just trying to show off my fabulous eye make up....


Shoes and Storage and Make-up - Oh My!

This is going to be picture heavy I warnest thou now. I am getting ready to go back to Uni (ugh...really don't want to) and I bought some adorable storage from WH Smith and I thought I would show you all and also show you the contents and a few of my shoes that I am taking with me!


Maybelline Pulse Perfection - Review

When I saw this for the first time in Boots I pressed the 'on' button and felt the wand and remarked 'It doesn't even vibrate!' and saw the price (£14 or so) and walked straight past it! However, after seeing a few reviews on blogs and YT and as it is now on offer I decided I would pick one up and see if it worked for me, if I liked it and if the vibration really is 'just a gimmick'.


Blast Off! Lash blast.

What I think:


MAC mineralize finish - 'BLONDE'

MAC mineralize finish - 'BLONDE'

It is absolutely divine. I actually adore the colour it is such a subtle pinky shimmery sheen - It's too dark for me to get a good swatch (believe me i tried!) so I will do it tomorrow. But it is beautiful. I only own a mineralize skinfinish in medium which I buff into my face - any tips for application ? I thought I would use my GOSH fan brush.


Fakes! Hair mask review & HG Mascara.

. I recently 'won' an Alice Mccall for Topshop dress from ebay and was super excited for it to arrive but twitterworld has made me a bit of a skeptic now so I decided I would have a closer look at the dress and..


Ubran Decay Palette and Lush Oatifix Scrub

Now, I promised to swatch all of these fan-tab-ulous glittery colours from my Urban Decay palette


What I Wore Today

I took my inspiration for this outfit from a photo I saw on the Urban Outfitters website and saved:


Eye eye there!

For the night time I went out to dinner with my boyfriend and I just added the Body Shop blue eye liner to make it a bit more interesting. Click the photo for details of colours used.


Brushes and bronzers and lip balm - oh my!

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Redken Extreme Review

Redken Extreme - CAT - Protein Restructuring treatment


Skincare and tousled hair

I have spent the last hour or so (it was suuuch an effort) compiling a little flow chart (I'm such a nerd) illustrating my daily skincare regime - morning & night-time! Unfortunately the brand 'Skinceuticals' - which the majority of my products are - are only available in certain Beauty Salons and the prices are only available in dollars on the US website so I didn't bother adding them in. My suggestion to you guys is to go to any reputable Beauty Salon near you and ask them for samples as they last a long time! Then you can ask the prices and see if it is worth spending the money.


Bye Bye Charlotte

So on Saturday night I went to my good friend Charlotte's leaving party. As I posted earlier that day I had my eye make-up done at the MAC counter.


'Kor(res) Blimey!

Like the title? No me neither but it was all I could come up with. Anyway please forgive the terrible play on 'Korres' but today I decided to use my brand new 'Korres Wild Rose Foundation'


Pretty sparkly things

I want to say a HUGE thanks to Michelle who has sent me the lipgloss I bought from her blog sale. She sent it right away and it arrived in pretty pink packaging with a lovely sweet little note and it just made me smile so much I URGE you to go and check out her blog right this instant.

They came super fast which I was really pleased about and they came in gorgeous little individual packages:


Scary prospect...

I mentioned yesterday I saw a new brand in Superdrug called 'Beauty UK' and I purchased the blusher in N0.6 it is a very light totally matte pink blusher I am wearing it on the apples of my cheeks with a sweep of the ELF warm bronzer (which I reviewed earlier and still love as it makes me look less 'tangoed' than other bronzers!)

I really adore this colour it's my new favourite cheek combo! And the blusher cost £2.93!!!!!

So i woke up at 7am and had a day full of exams so my make up is veryveryvery natural, I dislike how I look with such a natural look I feel horribly 'plain' - does any one else feel like this? I also forgot my facial tanners so I am super pale blaahh. But here is the fotd anyway.

MAC FIX primer
Bobbi Brown 'skin' foundation beige
ELF conceal and highlight concealer - light
MAC MSF Medium
Benefit Hula (all over)
Beauty UK no.6 blusher (apples)
Elf bronzer-warm (cheekbones and temple)
MAC Blot powder medium

Body shop brazil nut lip balm (love love love this taste/smell/feel!)


Eyeko - nonono!

I have to say I'm now in LOVE with L'oreal Voluminous!


ELF Haul

Onto the ELF Haul...


Mac splurge!

But firstly I thought I would keep with the trend and post my Outfit of the Day and my Face of the Day and secondly I Just quickly wanted to say how much FUN this is and I wish I had started sooner hearing of all these events everyone gets invited too etc! Everyone that has followed me I appreciate it SO much and i'm reading all your blogs too! I'm up to 32 now which is a pretty good start so I'm really happy and HIIII to all the girls now on Twitter and if you haven't added me then DO SO


The Blues.... and Donny Osmond.

...Blue nail varnish that is!


Sexy Big Hair.

So my parents have decided to steal my camera for ce soir so no NEW pictures so I thought I would start with a product review.

BUT FIRST, my friends, Some background info.

Firstly, I have always been depserate to be a blonde. Some proof? -

I have also had every hair colour under the sun.....


...The beginning.

I'm Jennifer-Rosellen and this is my new blog!!!

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