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As you can see me and the brightness settings on my DSLR don't really get on very well. I tried to take a decent photo in various lights using various settings (and apparently various try-hard poses) before my anniversary dinner at Duck And Waffle last Friday night but none really came out true-to-life (I don't glow like that photo on the left -sadly - and I really, really, really hope I wasn't as orange as I look in the ones on the right...) BUT what you can clearly see is the absolutely fabulous false lashes (and my brilliant bespoke 3D brows Tracie Giles). I picked these bad boys up in a massive eBay haul for only £3.69 and absolutely adore them. They are SO easy to apply as the band is invisible, bendy and light making it super easy to work with and once on they feel completely weightless. I think they look striking and dramatic without being completely over the top....

The eBay seller claims they are genuine Ardell lashes but I am not 100% convinced but I don't really mind because they're great quality, look fantastic and are so cheap! I picked up 9 pairs of lashes in different styles from the seller and the ones pictured above are the 'Wispies'. Apologies again for the lack of decent photos, I took about 400 pretty terrible 'selfies' before giving up and admitting defeat but I do think you can see how beaut the lashes are.

 Fave false lashes please everyone - I am OBSESSED WITH FALSIES! Seriously.

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