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   A social media aficionado and prolific writer, I have spent the past 8 years writing for my own blog and for various online and print publications alongside my various full-time positions in social media and marketing.
 Twenty-nine years young, chronically single and possessor of a serious case of resting-bitch-face, I'm a ‘work hard, play hard’ kinda gal - old enough to remember floppy disks but, (just about) young enough to warrant using Snapchat. Stuck in a seemingly never ending series of confusing quarter-life-crisis-conundrums which see me buying a round of shots one weekend and baby-shower gifts the next. I’ve flirted with ‘proper 9-5 jobs’ - but my passion remains social media, writing and travelling.

My blog focuses on beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, food, fitness and everything in between!

You can find me on:

Twitter: @JRosellenM
Instagram: @JrosellenM
 Pinterest: JRosellenM
Snapchat: @JrosellenM
LinkeedIn: JenniferRosellen
Journo Portfolio: JenniferRosellen

If you'd like to discuss working together, have any questions or just fancy a chat drop me an email: 


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