Simple & Quick & Cheap - Home-Made Exfoliator.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
...and that's it!

Make sure you do use 'Extra Virgin' Olive Oil - This considered the 'best' olive oil because it's the least processed. The sugar obviously acts as an exfoliator and mixed with the olive oil it becomes much less 'harsh' and easier to spread so is fine to use as a body scrub - I also use a tiny bit mixed with my normal facial cleanser on my face.

There's no specific way of measuring it - Just fill a container with olive oil then pour in the sugar, keep mixing until you end up with a mixture similar to that shown above (Yes, okay, it doesn't look that nice but it works!)
I find that this mixture works really well at removing the remnants of fake tan as the oil seems to help break down the fake tan combined with the sugar which helps you scrub those last stubborn bits away! I apply the scrub all over and leave it to sink in for 5 minutes, then I massage it into the skin again and wash it off. The olive oil leaves a sort of 'film' over your skin which leaves it feeling soft, smooth and moisturised once you get out of the bath or shower. I have found that since I have started using this I have had no reactions and the bumps on the back of my arms have almost gone.

To ensure that all your fake tan has been removed I suggest using a dry towel over your body and then applying an oil-based moisturiser such as

The olive oil combined with the oil from the spray will sink into your skin and really help to loosen any remaining tan. Not only this but it will also sink into your skin and leave it thoroughly moisturised!

The little tub I have used to hold my mixture is from Soap and Glory and costs £2.25. This is not particularly expensive as a one-off purchase, but, when I need to thoroughly remove my fake tan I have been known to use an entire tub of exfoliator and using what you already have in your kitchen cupboard works out so much cheaper plus it has the additional benefits of being much more natural.

Hope this helps! x
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