Lancome Week One!

My week began on Tuesday morning at 10am. Or actually, 10:04am as I arrived a bit late (story of my life...) I was met by Kati and we went to get my PASS - this was exciting but I was not prepared to have to have my photo taken!

Cue manic hair fluffing followed be an extremely awkward half smile/posey cringe expression:

After sorting out my pass I went upstairs and saw my lovely little desk area! (If you guys hop on over to 6inchstilletos you will note from her Lancome diary this is the same little area!)

I spent the morning learning where everything was kept. Essentially there are dozens of storage units where they keep everything Lancome make and I mean every SINGLE Lancome product that there is from nail varnishes to juicy tubes to cleansers, false tanners and bronzers!! So when a journalist or a MUA or magazine requests a sample it's up to us to zoom off and locate the correct item - this seems like an easy task but it took me all week to finally be able to remember exactly where the 'Hyponse Drama Waterproof' is and where the new 'Tropiques Minerales' collection is etc - hard work! Then we have to package it up and send it out..hence this task is known as 'send outs!'

Once you've successfully located the product/products the next step is to place them in a gorgeous little Lancome bag which must be filled with silver tissue paper (there is an 'art' or a 'knack' to scrunching it up inside the bag so it looks nice and pretty - it took me a few goes before I realised it wasn't going to rip or tear it or get it disastrously wrong -I just had to go for it! I also kept on cutting it wrong..GOOD ONE..anyway) and then you place the product/products safely inside with a little Lancome compliment slip and sometimes the relevant Press Release too.

Then it's sealed with a little Lancome sticker and the address is written out on a Lancome sticky address label and VOILA.

These are some of the 'send outs' I did on my first morning:

These photos were all taken on day UNO as that evening I felt horrendous on the train journey home and had a rash and when I woke up the next day the rash was worse and horrifically itchy so off I went to the doctors to be told I had a)a cold and b)prickly heat (apparently it can come out up to 48 hours after being in the sun!) and the two were un-related haha (I'm a massive hypochondriac justso'syou'sknow's) but I text Kati and she kindly said I could take the day off to rest as I was still feeling ill and also itching like a crazy hobo so off I toddled to get some medicine and I promptly fell asleep for the rest of the day!

I was back to work on Thursday morning, though still nicht feeling so good, and spent the morning in the board room preparing 56 'send outs' !!


The beginning...

The end...

It (sadly) doesn't look very impressive but if you look closely you can count 45 goody bags and 12 envelopes and it took me almost three hours as I had to cut the tissue, artfully 'scrunch' it in each bag, place one of each of the 6 products into each bag/envelope, fold the press release and place it in each bag, seal each bag shut with a little Lancome sticker and then put the address labels on them all! Phew! Then off I toddled to have a well deserved lunch break.

I spent Thursday afternoon and Friday scanning in any mentions of Lancome from Magazines/Newspapers and saving them into the relevant file and doing the same for any Online mentions of the products. I also did lots more send-outs and spent the time in between swotting up on my Lancome knowledge with the Lancome BIBLE:

This little white book contains information about all of the products Lancome sell and I need to have a basic understanding of it before I can be allowed on the phones to talk to journalists! So I've been looking at the price lists and trying to work out what everything is.

By Friday afternoon I was genuinely feeling rotten and even Carla asked why I kept holding my neck. I still didn't 'click' and just kept thinking it must be because of the early starts/long days (I'm a delicate flower...) but when my jaw/ear/throat began to hurt an unbearable amount it began to dawn on me that it was probably tonsillitis as I've had bouts of it on and off since I had glandular fever in my second year. So off I went to the doctors and sure enough - TONSILLITIS. I had to cancel seeing Fleur on Saturday as I spent the day in bed but after 3 days of Penicillin I am feeling 95% back to normal and looking forward to really making the most of my Lancome experience as I'm ridiculously lucky to be there and so grateful for the opportunity!

This sums up Tuesday-Friday of last week. I am planning on taking an OOTD every day this week and will probably update again next Monday about my adventures from this week!

Love to you all but I warn all my fellow Beauty addicts - If you if you ever work for Lancome...

This is my new most favouritest thing in the whole wide world:

'Tresor in Love' by Lancome.

I demand you all go out and spray this perfume and then I DEFY you all to not fall in love with it!

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