Revlon Minted Review

The colour is gorgeous. It's absolutely bang on trend for spring 2010. I have taken a picture of my left and right hand to show that, since I painted them yesterday I have done lots of activities which usually chip off the ends of my nail varnish e.g tearing off the sellotape from parcels, washing and blow drying my hair etc and not a SINGLE chip! However on the downside it did take three coats to achieve this colour. The first time you apply a coat you can still see your nail underneath and the consistency is thin. Even with a second coat it's not perfect and still remains slightly patchy so a third coat was needed. However, I'm not complaining as it appears to be chip-resistent and the colour is fabulous. One thing I am a bit 'hmmm' about is the price - £6.29.

I think buying the unique colours from this Revlon range is worth paying the extra price but for the simple colours like reds and pinks I don't think there is anything special about the nail varnish itself to justify spending that much!

Rating: 4/5
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