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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
...and that's it!


Xen Tan: Once A Week Self-Tan - Review.

I purchased Xen Tan after reading positive reviews by Hannah and Talita and decided I would use it the night before going to ''The Casino' (a nightclub in Guildford which is in no-way a Casino - the new owner intended to turn it into a Casino but the council denied the request so they called it 'The Casino' regardless to annoy the council. Childish yet hilarious).


'Lit from within'

After reading Laura's update about how she likes her cheeks to look 'lit from within' I immediately purchased Nars Penny Lane to add to my cheek collection and as I was going out last night I decided to incorporate it into my routine in an attempt to re-create her pretty blush look!

Et Voila..


Just a little FOTD

- clinique even better foundation
- bourjoius healthy mix concealer
-mac msf -medium
- elf mineral booster - sheer


Revlon Minted Review


Nude Cleansing Facial Oil - Review

I purchased this a few months ago and used it once. The first time I used it I was overwhelmed by the smell of the product and regretted purchasing it as it was so thick and oily in consistency (should really have gathered that from the name) and I decided that I couldn't possibly use it as I had oily skin and it would break me out, so it got thrown to the back of my drawer not to re-emerge until I left my other cleanser at home.

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