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Wink for Pink

Short and sweet post to show off my new HG go-to favourite lipstick - Revlon's  Super Lustrous Lipstick 616 'Wink for Pink'.


Little Red Riding Hood.....Santa's Little Helper....

I have been told I look like both whilst donning this, admittedly rather festive outfit. 'Mrs. Clause' is another one I've heard....

Anyway, I love the bright red colour of this dress and the flattering skater fit (does it look better with or without a belt? thoughts?) especially with the run up to Christmas it is a definite festive favourite of mine. It's originally from Zara and was seen back in January on Frankie from The Sats (still so curious about her 'rehab' stint...)

And you can now get decent copies or similar dresses on websites like boohoo or second hand/used on eBay - I suggest you search for thing like 'Red skater' or 'Red Zara' to try and find the dress!

As you can see I have a new SLR camera but really don't have a clue how to use it yet hence the million attempts at outfit of the day photos! I will work out how to use it soon I promise.

I'm supposed to be at the Look Magazine makeup launch right now but due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't go at the last minute so that is why I was wearing the outfit above and I was even wearing my new Look Double Hit Lipstick in honour of the event - so I decided to add this little clip from a new video below where I show the lipstick.



Lauren's Way

I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Goodger and the Lauren's Way team at Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and at the Press Event last Friday. 


BINTM Footage (Part 2) - Lauren Goodger Lauren's Way Interview

This is part two of my Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model footage.


Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Series (Part One)

Part one from my Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Series.


A face without freckles is like a sky without stars...

Okay, so it's a cheesy title but it's a Facebook group I saw years ago and joined because reading it made me smile. I'm covered in freckles and can vividly remember numerous occasions when whoever was sat next to me decided to 'see how long it would take to join up all my freckles' and proceeded to cover my arm in a spider web maze of fountain pen.


The Amy Child's Collection

‘Don’t be jel’ - but AmyChild’s launched her brand new exclusive fashion and beauty range at Britain’sNext Top Model Live and ‘I’m not being funny babe’ – but I actually kind of love it.

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