First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:

First Prize:

Easy Lounger Lip gloss - Light baby pink with multidimensional pearland Lazy Day Lipstick -Light dirty blue pink (Lustre)

(My bestie saw the black MAC parcel and opened it, she was literally JUST about to open these when I ran over ninja-style [not really] and shouted 'Nonononononono you can't open them because they're err..uhmm......err.... a PRESENT for.......someone' [No-one knows about my blog!!!] so that's why they're no longer in the Black MAC box but they haven't been

Second prize:

Three (different) sets of False Eyelashes from Revlon.

Third Prize:

2X Bottles of Batiste and Revolon Nail varnish in 'Posh Pink'

I will have another check through the comments to see if I can contact the winners by email/twitter but if you've WON and you're reading this then please email me !

Thanks so much to every one who entered. I've just reached 700 but I wont have another giveaway yet as obviously I bought all the prizes myself so I will wait until 800 or 900..maybe even 1,000 (wishful thinking?) before the next one - but it will be even better!


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