Fixing smashed bronzers and powders.

Are you useless like me? I am forever slinging my bag onto the desk/car seat/floor/wherever without pausing to think that I have expensive powders and compacts which, not surprisingly, break if subjected to constantly being thrown around. Subsequently, I am often greeted with the heart breaking sight of the contents of my compacts splattered all over my make-up bag and shattered into thousands of pieces.

This happened with my last NARS Laguna, but it only had a TINY little bit left so I bought another one as Nars Laguna just doesn't really 'work' as a loose powder as you get far far too much on your brush and you end up looking like you went for a mud bath. Anyway, What happened a week after purchasing my swanky-dan new bronzer? Yup. I breaked it.

Now, I don't know about you, but I can't afford to just run out and buy ANOTHER one when a compact smashes to pieces (i.e all the damn time). I read a tip somewhere that if a bronzer smashes then you should pour the contents into your favourite moisturiser et 'voila' - shimmering body lotion. That's dandy if it was a £2 bronzer from Natural Collection but I am not about to pour away my £22 bronzer so my legs can have a little bit of extra shimmer!

So, I called in the big guns....

- Daddy.

I literally went downstairs and said 'Daaaaaaaaaaaaadddddd - can you fix my bronzer?'.
Dads are just good at things like that, aren't they? If i've ever lost something I can guarantee you - he'll find it, if it's broken he'll (try and) fix it etc etc. When I was little and needed a pencil sharpened, he'd be there, sharpening it over the sink with a knife (we never have normal things like pens that actually work, so a pencil sharpener has absolutely no chance of surviving in our house)

I asked my dad for the simple steps and I took some photos to illustrate. It's pretty simples!
Step 1) Crush all of the product with a large spoon back into loose powder
(No photo i'm afraid! Just go mad with it -smash it all up!)
Step 2) Place a folded up kitchen towel inside the compact as below and close the compact

Step 3) Cover with weights - about 3kg - and LEAVE for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! (2/3 days+)

Step 4) Remove the weights and carefully remove the paper.

Step 5) CAREFULLY turn upside down and shake off excess loose powder

Good as.....almost new. Okay, it doesn't look perfect but this is so much more economical then going out and having to a buy a new one!

Just to prove it really works..


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