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Topshop Make-Up. Review and Swatches.

I placed my order yesterday and received it today so nice one Topshop! Below is the bag the makeup came in and the free make up bag.

The make up bag isn't partciularly nice. Put it this way -I definitely wouldn't pay for it. It's got the polka dot theme on the inside which is slightly pointless and I think it would have gone with the overall theme a lot better if it had been white and black polka dots on the OUTSIDE instead of a very drab, boring, plain creamy white. Plus it feels like those old pencil cases you used to have in primary school, the ones you could write on with pens. It's a very odd textured make up bag.
But hey, it was free so I can't complain too much.

I purchased:
Lipstick in 'Rio Rio'
Lipgloss in 'Cardinal Sin'
Eye Kohl in 'Coal'
Eye pencil in 'Cosmic'
Eye pencil in 'Sea'

Lipstick: Rio Rio

I was expecting quite an intense, true red from the website and from how it looks in person. It appeared quite a 'dark' red maybe with a hint of orange in the 'flash' picture, but on the website it looks a true medium/ dark cherry red. I am wearing it below, and I had to build it up to achieve this colour which is quite a pale wash of red so I didn't find the pay-off that great or the colour particularly true to the website. The lipstick itself had a lovely creamy, completely non-drying consistency so I think if you want a subtle wash of colour it's a good purchase. I was hoping for a 'HG' red - and I didn't find it.

Above is me wearing 'Rio Rio' and then 'Rio Rio' paired with 'Cardinal Sin'. I have swatched the two separately but I don't know anyone who ears red gloss on it's own (?) so I paired them together! As you can see it seems to me the combination of the two colours is significantly less red than I had hoped. It's sort of a pale, natural looking lip and that's not what I was expecting at all. It's a perfectly nice colour but not what I was expecting from the website photos. The gloss is very very sticky in consistency but not TOO bad.

As you can see they are significantly less bright and red then the website and the lipstick in the tube leads you to believe! But as far as the consistency and feel and packaging goes they are lovely. I just suggest swatching the lipsticks and glosses in person to get a feel for what they really look like. At £8 I think they are just slightly over priced.

Luckily I had more success with the eye liners! Above is 'coal' 'sea' and 'cosmic'.

Firstly I have to say that the Eye liner in 'coal' is amazing. As I was swatching it it was so unbelievably smooth and came out in a perfect thick, black line I was so impressed. The squiggly line I did was just to show how soft and smooth and easy it is to work with. Secondly, using my Nude Cleansing Oil to remove the swatches I found that I easily removed Cosmic and Sea but this stayed put for another two washes! So, it's probably going to be a nightmare to get off but it wont budge during the day or night which is a definite plus! This is my favourite product and I highly recommend it at just £4!!
Cosmic and Sea are both very pretty and I think the swatches on the website do nicely and correctly illustrate the true colours of them both. Again the consistency was nice for both of them it was a lot thicker than the kohl. I wasn't expecting quite so much glitter - They reminded me of those glittery gel pens that us girlies use for revision! The glitter is very obvious with flash and without so I think these may be more suited to a night time look but as summer is fast approaching I think they would look amazing with tanned skin, or alternatively a night out clubbing all year round.
I think the Kohl is more worthy of the £6 price tag and these of the £4 price tag. But I don't regret buying them and I will definitely be using them this summer.

A minor annoyance about the eye liner packaging is that it was sealed so damn tightly i broke two nails opening them and it took about 2 minutes per liner. This really irritates me as it's such an effort to peel off the wrapping bit by bit and then you end up with the lip still sealed and you have to pick at it and scratch at it to remove it..just a faff.

All in all I think I may have picked some of the worse parts of the collection to buy as I'm loving the swatches of the cream blushes and of 'Brighton Rock' lipstick! I will be steering clear of any more coloured liners and lipsticks for now but will probably be purchasing one or two cream brushes. The only product I would urge you to go and buy because of the quality and the price is the Kohl in 'coal'.
I think this is a lovely little collection and a nice addition to Topshop - but it's not really set the make up world on fire.

Sleep Make Up and Barry M have cornered the market for 'cheap but great' products yet, in my opinion, the Topshop range does not offer any more than these two brands yet has considerably higher prices for some of it's products (Barry M Lipsticks £4.25, Sleek Lipsticks - £3.29, Topshop £8) and I can't understand the justification or reasoning behind this. Yet the cream blushes priced at £6 or the BRILLIANT kohl eye liner at £4 appear to be a lot more reasonably priced -good quality and good value for money.
Thus it appears rather 'hit and miss' at the moment - which is fair enough considering it's a new range and not every product can be great!

I do have to give this range top marks for the packaging, the promotional images and the buzz it is causing!

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