Best friends 21st .Pictures, Outfits and Gift idea.

On Sunday it was my best friend Gaby's 21st Birthday...

Gaby (middle ) in Lipsy
Me (left) in Topshop (not in stock anymore - can be found on eBay)
Hannah (right) in Mint Velvet

(This photo is rubbish but it shows our PRETTY SHOES)

It was at the Hurlingham Country Club in Fulham and it was just beyond beautiful. The photo doesn't even begin to do it justice it was the most gorgeous, amazing venue plus it was the hottest day of the year so the sun was shining and we could mill around outside all evening drinking champagne (lahvley!).

As I mentioned above, it was the hottest day of the year, so getting ready was an absolute nightmare. My makeup was literally just sliding off my face bleurgh it was horrible. The only vaguely 'interesting' thing I added to my every day makeup was a Topshop eyeliner in 'Cosmic' on my water line. I didn't even wear lipstick just a bit of By Terry - it was just TOO HOT to fuss about make-up or hair.
Plus, I had to organise the Guestbook I made for her, the slideshow and was worried about my speech
(I know, I am an AMAZING best friend)

For the 'Guestbook' I bought a really gorgeous notebook, then found a picture of each of the 27 guests and stuck it onto a seperate page and bought a load of coloured pens - On the night I left the book and pens on a table and told everyone to 'Find their picture and leave Gaby a message'
- Above is a picture of the notebook and a few examples of what different people write.

This is a relatively cheap and easy present idea that is actually meaningful and shows you've made a real effort. Gabs was left with a book full of memories and comments and stories from all of her closest friends and she'll be able to keep this forever and ever - it's so funny to read through and genuinely heart warming to see what everyone wrote about her -and I've told her that I will take the book back and to the same at her 25th..30th..40th etc!


I think someone filmed it so if I do ever get a copy I will post it. I started crying half way through (I knew I would) and had to squeeze Gaby's hand for most of it and at the very end when I was trying to say 'I will end my speech by saying - Gaby, I love you' I essentially lost the ability to form coherent words and just completely broke down and sort of sat back down and hugged her.

I'm dreading to see the actual video but I think Gaby liked it, and it made a few other people emotional, so I'm glad I did it.

Beautiful friends in a beautiful venue - an amazing night.

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