Best friends 21st .Pictures, Outfits and Gift idea.

On Sunday it was my best friend Gaby's 21st Birthday...


The Body Shop Event - Video


Lumecin Review.

Lumecin Review.


Fixing smashed bronzers and powders.

Are you useless like me? I am forever slinging my bag onto the desk/car seat/floor/wherever without pausing to think that I have expensive powders and compacts which, not surprisingly, break if subjected to constantly being thrown around. Subsequently, I am often greeted with the heart breaking sight of the contents of my compacts splattered all over my make-up bag and shattered into thousands of pieces.




First prize:
Second prize:
Third prize:

First Prize:

Easy Lounger Lip gloss - Light baby pink with multidimensional pearland Lazy Day Lipstick -Light dirty blue pink (Lustre)

(My bestie saw the black MAC parcel and opened it, she was literally JUST about to open these when I ran over ninja-style [not really] and shouted 'Nonononononono you can't open them because they're err..uhmm......err.... a PRESENT for.......someone' [No-one knows about my blog!!!] so that's why they're no longer in the Black MAC box but they haven't been

Second prize:

Three (different) sets of False Eyelashes from Revlon.

Third Prize:

2X Bottles of Batiste and Revolon Nail varnish in 'Posh Pink'

I will have another check through the comments to see if I can contact the winners by email/twitter but if you've WON and you're reading this then please email me !

Thanks so much to every one who entered. I've just reached 700 but I wont have another giveaway yet as obviously I bought all the prizes myself so I will wait until 800 or 900..maybe even 1,000 (wishful thinking?) before the next one - but it will be even better!



OOTD - Casual and Work

Hey all,

I have quite a few blog posts planned for the next few days/weeks. These include:

-Announcing the winner of my Competition (it's taking much longer than I thought as I need to go through and see who tweeted/blogged about it as that counts as 3 entries, and some people commented twice etc etc so I want it to be fair!)-Liz Earle Eye Bright soothing Eye Lotion Review
-Lumecin Review
-Wen haircare Review
-Some BLISS Skincare Reviews
-Summer Clothing Haul
-MUFE Haul

And more regular updates, OOTD's and FOTD'S etc! As I am now officially on a 'Gap Yah'!
The first Outfit is from last week when I was travelling back down to Exeter. It was the most simple-of-simple outfits - A white tee and Blue Jeans.

The top and the Jeans are both from Topshop. This outfit is, in one sense, ridiculously boring but also an absolute classic! I recently read a post by the lovely Belle Du Jour who blogged all about her fashion inspiration and she wears an almost identical outfit to me but demonstrates perfectly how you can really 'make' an outfit by accessorizing.

Et voila:

(The Lovely BelleDuJour click for her amazing Blog or her Youtube)

The second outfit of the day is from Monday when I went up to MCA to cover for the staff who were all at a Charity Ball in Spain along with my parents (Lucky lucky people)! I look a little bit like an escaped mental patient and I did 'uhm' and 'aah' about posting it as It was taken at about 7pm after I'd got back from work - so 12 hours of make-up sliding off my face combined with lovely English drizzle all day - But I did rather love my outfit so just try focus on that and ignore the vacant death stare (and the 8 week roots)...

Dress: Mango
Blazer: Topshop
Scarf: Alexander McQueen

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