KG Kurt Geiger Shoes.


Ho Ho Ho....

Chantecaille - Just Skin -Wheat
Chanel - Coco Madmoiselle Perfume
Chanel  -Rouge Coco Shine - 56 Chance
Chanel - Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer - 146


Thomas Sabo - Oh So Beautiful


Bargain Boohoo Boots (£12...!)


'Two Turtle Doves' Inspired Christmas Makeup



Beautiful Brows Kit


Backstage at the Cosmo on Campus Photoshoot

On Wednesday myself and three other students made our way to London and into the basement of the Cosmopolitan offices to take part in a photo shoot for their Cosmo On Campus Magazine.


LOOK Beauty Range


Wink for Pink

Short and sweet post to show off my new HG go-to favourite lipstick - Revlon's  Super Lustrous Lipstick 616 'Wink for Pink'.


Little Red Riding Hood.....Santa's Little Helper....

I have been told I look like both whilst donning this, admittedly rather festive outfit. 'Mrs. Clause' is another one I've heard....

Anyway, I love the bright red colour of this dress and the flattering skater fit (does it look better with or without a belt? thoughts?) especially with the run up to Christmas it is a definite festive favourite of mine. It's originally from Zara and was seen back in January on Frankie from The Sats (still so curious about her 'rehab' stint...)

And you can now get decent copies or similar dresses on websites like boohoo or second hand/used on eBay - I suggest you search for thing like 'Red skater' or 'Red Zara' to try and find the dress!

As you can see I have a new SLR camera but really don't have a clue how to use it yet hence the million attempts at outfit of the day photos! I will work out how to use it soon I promise.

I'm supposed to be at the Look Magazine makeup launch right now but due to unforeseen circumstances I couldn't go at the last minute so that is why I was wearing the outfit above and I was even wearing my new Look Double Hit Lipstick in honour of the event - so I decided to add this little clip from a new video below where I show the lipstick.



Lauren's Way

I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Goodger and the Lauren's Way team at Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and at the Press Event last Friday. 


BINTM Footage (Part 2) - Lauren Goodger Lauren's Way Interview

This is part two of my Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model footage.


Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Series (Part One)

Part one from my Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Series.


A face without freckles is like a sky without stars...

Okay, so it's a cheesy title but it's a Facebook group I saw years ago and joined because reading it made me smile. I'm covered in freckles and can vividly remember numerous occasions when whoever was sat next to me decided to 'see how long it would take to join up all my freckles' and proceeded to cover my arm in a spider web maze of fountain pen.


The Amy Child's Collection

‘Don’t be jel’ - but AmyChild’s launched her brand new exclusive fashion and beauty range at Britain’sNext Top Model Live and ‘I’m not being funny babe’ – but I actually kind of love it.


Date Day in London

On Sunday I had a 'date day' with my boyfriend Iain and I had an absolutely amazing day! We visited the London Aquarium, the Harry Potter exhibition at Harrods, Cafe Rouge in Kinghtsbridge for dinner , SNOG Covent Gaden for dessert and finally Ripley's believe it or not museum in London.


Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model - Sneak Peak Video Footage!

Steve is currently finishing off the editing for the FULL length HD video including all the interviews (Amy child's, Lauren Goodger, Style Spotting, Blogger and Youtubers, Joanne and Ufoma from BINTM, Mr England and more), the catwalk footage, pineapple dance studios dancers, make up master classes, model casting couch sessions and much much more.


Britains Next Top Model Live Press Day Event - Preview Post.


So as you may or may not know I was lucky enough to attend BINTM Live as Press and with my own little camera crew! It was ridiculously exciting and I loved every second of it.


SUPER EXCITING NEWS - Jennifer Rosellen is now collaborating with....

I am SO EXCITED to announce that I am going to be collaborating with fellow media school students who are studying Film and TV production to bring to you new YouTube and video content. The Media School is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - which means I can hopefully start making weekly content. I am so lucky to be able to use the facilities and the talent of the students:
Facilities include:
  • Sony HD TV Studio
  • Portable recording and broadcast equipment
  • Video (Final Cut Pro) and audio editing suites
  • Foley "voice-over" studio
  • Interactive media studios equipped with Apple computers
  • Desktop publishing and print (news) studios
  • Design/ideas studio
This collaboration means I am going to be able to create high quality, well-edited, professionally filmed and edited content for my channel. It also means I have the option to film either in the HD TV studio, on campus or I can film on locations with a crew! I'm going to have the use of state of the art cameras, sound equipment and editing facilities.

So I will actually be joined at Britains Next Top Model Live this Friday by my own little camera crew consisting of a camera man and a sound man. HOW EXCITING!?

Please see my latest YouTube video below (and last filmed on my MacBook!) for more detail and if you want to have a little look at the amazing range of facilities available to me (bloody yay and yay again!) have a peek at the second video and my little photo collage!

It really should hopefully be a whole new chapter for Jennifer-Rosellen so please do go and subscribe!


Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Live 24 Hour Bloggers Bargain!

I'm sure you've all seen lots of chatter about 'BINTM' on Twitter. If you were wondering what one earth we're on about it then BIMTM stands for Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and this weekend is Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model Live event

BINTM Live lets you get up close and personal with the BINTM girls, watch a stunning catwalk show and enjoy a day in the wonderful world of our shopping haven. Bursting with the hottest fashion, beauty ‘MUST haves' and exclusive advice from the experts.

It's a weekend packed full of fashion, hair, beauty, style, shopping and music is taking place in London THIS WEEKEND (28th – 30th October 2011) at the ExCeL Centre.

To celebrate, readers of Jennifer Rosellen have the opportunity to snap up two-for-one Standard Tickets (£20 normal price) for the closing day of the show!

These tickets are available for 24 hours only starting at 00:00 Thursday 27th October (tomorrow!) and ending at 23.59pm Thursday.

Go to, click book tickets and enter BLOG24 when prompted. Then comment below if you are going! I'm there on the Friday (28th) so really hope to see lots of you!


The TOWIE girls would be so proud of me...

Last Thursday I had my first night out in Bournemouth so I decided to channel my inner TOWIE goddess and go for big hair, big lashes, big heels...... and a teeny tiny dress

I absolutely adore this dress but I'm well aware it's not every ones style - it's loud it's tacky it's brash but that's why I bloody love it! It's from Miss Selfridge and it's exclusive to the 'petite' section. Now I'm 5'5 (so not petite) and don't usually shop in the petite section but I loved this dress so much I bought it anyway and luckily it fit also the stock image on the website shows the mesh being a lot more see through than it really is so don't worry it really isn't that daring - it is very very tight fitting though so I'd advise you not to make the same mistake as me eat a massive Wagamama's immediately before wearing it - queue a night of stomach-sucking whenever someone brandished a camera.

My eyelashes were Eylure 110, lipstick was YSL Rouge Pur Couture #38 and I decided to try out to new MyFace products which I purchased that day. The MyFace cosmetics stands in Boots (and online) currently have £2 off each Blingtone eyeshadow so I decided to purchase two. I chose 'Black Ice' and 'Pink Champagne'. I'm assuming from the names you can work out what colours they were ;)

I used Black Ice as an eye shadow all over my lid and underneath and I bought Pink Champagne with the idea of using it as a cheek highlighter and I think it looked great. Fantastic colour pay off and just the right amount of shimmer - very impressed.

Amy (left) is wearing one of the amazing Eylure Double Lash sets in '208'.

Click this Link for the Miss Selfridge Dress

Do you love or hate the TOWIE style - let me know! x

Eylure 110 False Lashes and 2true Nail Varnish Shade 9 (Chanel dupe?)

As promised I am going to try and photograph every pair of Eylure lashes that I own/was given (....a lot!) so that you can see how they actually look ON! I have already done 107 here.


Fancy three mini Benefit products for NINE POUNDS?

I have no idea if this is a mistake or if it really is meant to be priced at £9 but whilst perusing ASOS I spotted this bargain:

'Exclusive tan about town gift set by Benefit. Designed to give you a natural looking tan in an instant, the kit contains miniature versions of the some kind-a gorgeous, foundation fixer in medium for a flawless base with a hint of colour, the bronzing blusher Hoola for a subtle glow and Benefit's classic BADgal lash mascara to finish off the look.'

I know they are mini versions but £3 each ?! This means you can trial each product without forking out full price and you can have a mascara, bronzer and foundation/concealer all in your handbag or makeupbag. These would be especially perfect to pop into your handbag for a night out - you'd have all the bases covered and loads of room in your bag to spare -win!

I think it's a pretty amazing offer and I've just snapped one up! Thought it was too good not to share with my blog readers and twitter followers :) Let me know if you buy!



I just spent AGES on Youtube and Google trying to find the video of the Clark's 'New Shoes' advert from the 90's but apparently it's nowhere to be found! Please tell me that you all remember a time when everyone went around shouting 'OOOO - NEW SHOES!?'


Eylure 107 False Lashs and Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps


Handpicked Media Style Award and A HPM Competition!

So, Jennifer Rosellen won an award!

(It sounds really weird writing that, as if I'm just being a bit odd and pretentious by referring to myself in the third person, but obviously I mean my little old blog!)


The Facts about Botox - with Dr Andrew Douglas

If you follow me on twitter or are a regular reader you will undoubtedly have realised by now that I am not one to shy away from the surgeons knife. I'm all for boosting your confidence in any way that you feel is right for you and I'm keen to learn more about and explore every beauty-related avenue possible, so when I was offered the chance to hear the expert Dr.Douglas from No.11 Harley Street Harley Street explain the in's and out's of the latest non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures available - I absolutely jumped at the chance.


Clinique Skincare Bestsellers Giveaway

Just write 'enter me' on this blog post and/or on the Youtube video. Can enter as many times as you want. Must be a follower of my blog.


Murad Bloggers Event and Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Review

On Monday I attended the Murad Bloggers Event. The products that really caught my eye and captured my attention were the Skin Perfecting Primers and the Eye Lifts. This is Murads first foray into make-up and it is a 'Hybrids' makeup range. This means that the products are basically high performance treatments specifically formulated not only to improve skins health but also contain a skin perfecting cosmetic to disguise flaws. So each product combines two high performance technologies into a single convenient 2-1in-1 problem solver allowing you to simultaneously treat and mask your skin concerns.


Collection 2000 Range and Collaboration with Diana Vickers

On Wednesday evening as the sun set on an unexpected Indian Summers day in London myself and a dozen or so other Bloggers sat in a dimly-lit,make-up, candle and cocktail filled room for the Collection 2000 Bloggers event. Champagne in hand we wandered around the tables sampling the delights that this budget-friendly brand has to offer.


Eyebrow Tinting - Eylure

I adore a strong brow look, I really feel it makes a huge difference to how you look and so even though I dye my hair blonder I religiously tint my eyebrows darker. The above photo shows what is inside the Eylure kit you can buy - you receive one tube of eyelash dye, a spooly or an eyebrow brush, and the developer solution.


Bliss Spa London Review - Triple Oxygen Treatment

Bliss Spa is a day Spa situated on Sloane Avenue in the heart of Central London. Launched in November 2001, our London outpost was named Conde Nast Traveler's Best Urban Day Spa - and I can see why!


Veneers - Temporary Veneer fitting at The Harley Street Smile Clinic

I have just returned home after having my temporary veneers fitted at The Harley Street Smile Clinic (139, Harley Street) and as I have received so many tweets asking about my experience I thought I would do this summary post now. The full write up and vlog in HD will be coming after the 5th October, which is when I am having the permanent porcelain veneers fitted, but I hope this summary answers any immediate questions that you have. I know some people prefer reading a blog post and others prefer a video thus I have done both - scroll down to see the video or just keep reading!

The main question I have been asked is about pain! I can honestly tell you that there was absolutely no pain involved. If you watch the video below I explain how the numbness of the gums and lips does feel very strange and makes it difficult to talk (it's not a good look!) but at no point did I ever experience any pain. A numbing cream was applied before any injections and although I was actually warned I would 'probably feel the first one' - I didn't. I had eight injections in total (one injection for every veneer!) and I did not feel anything. Having my teeth filed down and my gums shaped did make a loud noise (a whirring sound then a beeping sound) and it smelt like burning, but I was warned by the dentist about each of these things so I wasn't alarmed and it did not last for a long time - and again, there was no pain.

The temporary veneer mixture was placed into the mould and into my mouth. It takes about five minutes to set and although not comfortable - it's not painful. The main thing to do is remember to BREATHE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH (it's very weird how you suddenly become aware of your breathing when you're nervous/can't breathe through your mouth!) because 1) otherwise you'd die 2)the stuff tastes vile and if you breathe in through your moth you can taste it.

I am a very nervous patient and when I went into the appointment I was shaking all over and I had the typical 'tight chest' that you may have experienced if you ever get anxious. The one thing I would warn you about is that the injections contain adrenaline which makes your heart race - I didn't realise this until I said 'My heart is beating really fast it's racing' then it was explained to me that was due to the adrenaline and next time he would use the injections that did not contain it. I think if you're prepared for it, it's fine, as it passes after a few minutes but that wasn't a very nice experience - if you're a nervous patient I suggest seeing if you can have injections without adrenaline (you probably don't need anymore!!).

Additionally, the dentist allowed me to wait for my heart to stop racing and for me to take deep breaths before he began any kind of actual treatment on my teeth. Throughout the process he continually asked if I was okay, how I was doing etc and made it clear that I could have a break at any time. Having an understanding dentist really helped me feel calm as I think one of the anxieties surrounding the dentist (besides pain) is the idea of not being able to have a break or feeling awkward about asking to stop etc - Harley Street Smile is fabulous at being understanding but whichever dentist you go to make sure you explain to them clearly beforehand that you would like them to talk you through each step and to allow you a break if you need it. You will probably find, like me, that knowing you can have a break at any time actually calms you down so much you really don't need to!

Below is a camera phone photo of my temporary veneers. You can also see them in the video below. As you can see I have had the top eight teeth veneered and my gum shaped.

I have spent years looking around for veneers at a price that is not ridiculous and finally found that at The Harley Street Smile Clinic which is why I want to share my experience with all of you.

If you send an email to including the following:

-Photos of your teeth
-What you want to change about your smile

Then Jill will call or email you back with the different options you might have for treatment and the likely costs involved. This is exactly what I did as I thought it was fantastic to be able to get a rough idea of cost without paying £70 to be quoted something astronomical like £20,000 so you're mouth nearly falls off in shock but you have to pretend like you have that kind of money and you're going to drive home in your Rolls Royce to your mansion and discuss it with your butler - when really you just had a mini heart attack and died a little inside (this is what happened to me in Weybridge a few years ago!)

I have genuinely been quoted between £12,000 and £20,000 for veneers. Eight veneers at The Harley Street Smile Clinic has cost me just under £5,000 which is the best price I have found (and believe me, I have looked). The Clinic also does teeth whitening, Invisalign and other treatments and they always have amazing deals on so I would highly rec commend them for their prices as well as their friendly approach and professionalism (plus the fact they've done a bloody good job on my teeth!)

You can find their website here and their twitter is @HarleyStSmile. The direct link to the free E-Consultation page can be found here.

I cannot recommend The Harley Street Smile Clinic enough and if you are considering any kind of dental treatment why not send Jill a quick email as it's free and I'm positive you'll be pleasantly surprised with the cost! Additionally, if you haven't signed up to Groupon yet then scoot on over there and whack in your email address because ever since I have signed up I have got an email almost every other day about tooth whitening,invisalign,inman aligners and all sorts - I cannot vouch for how good these places are only that they appear to have a lot of great deals on a lot of the time!

If you have any more questions please leave them below.


The Harley Street Smile Clinic has been featured in the following magazines and newspapers:

(...and now on JenniferRosellen!)

Other testimonials from happy patients can be found

My Look for the LOOK Show

On Saturday I attended the LOOK Magazine show with the gorgeous Louise from MakeupLoveer.


Rimmel London and Kate Moss Ten Year Anniversary Party

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the Rimmel London and Kate Moss tenth anniversary party at Battersea Power station. After security had confirmed our names we were admitted through the iron gates and were immediately greeted with the awe-inspiring sight of this ancient Art Deco derelict building with it's façade now emblazoned with Union Flags and Kate's iconic catchphrase 'Get the London Look'. After walking down the red carpet, past the throngs of paparazzi and through the hazily lit pathway into the venue itself guests were surrounded by dozens of billboards showcasing the ten years of collaboration between Kate Moss and Rimmel London. It's amazing to think just how long Kate has been gracing our screens as a Rimmel London Ambassador!


Candy Yum Yum (MAC)

During my seven weeks in Florida I may have made a few trips to the Mall and was lucky enough to strike up a conversation with a delightful MUA who worked at MAC who noticed I was wearing their 'Morange' lip stick so, correctly, guessed I was into my lipsticks and decided to let me have a little sneak preview of some new lipsticks from the yet to be released 'Quite Cute' Collection!





Just Add Mustard...


No make-up make-up.

I wore this look on Monday evening to see my boyfriend. I was just popping round his house for dinner so I didn't want to look too 'done' but, obviously, I wanted to look half decent - so I opted for the no make-up make-up look!


Topshop Treats (Fashion post)

Topshop Treats...


Red lip revisited

If you cast your minds way back to December 2009 (or just click here to refresh your memory) you may remember that I briefly flirted with the idea of rocking the red lip. This love affair didn't last long and I quickly reverted back to my trusty pinks and nudes.


Guess whose back....(back again)

Back in March I packed my bags and left on a jet plane....


Friday Summary...

I know that everyone is doing 'Summary' posts at the moment but this one is going to be a bit different. I'm going to do a Friday Summary every single week and it's going to include a little summary of my week but most importantly I'm going to include the press releases and information that I have been sent throughout that week. This is also going to include any discount offers, promotions etc that I know about so I do hope that the Friday Summary will always include at least one thing that interests you!


Date night...

Last night I had a DATE - which I haven't had since I was about fifteen. I forgot to take a picture before I went out so I had taken my hair extensions out but this is the outfit that I wore.


Topshop Delights... OOTD (Video)

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