Topshop Treats (Fashion post)

Topshop Treats...

I absolutely adore this Topshop split neck dress and have purchased it in Purple and in Orange. The slit can be played down for daytime wear (see below) especially when teamed with a jacket/cardigan to eliminate the possibility of any side-boob disasters or you can go as low as you dare for evening wear!

I would definitely recommend buying and using some 'fashion tape' (aka tit tape) when wearing this dress or you may well end up flashing your boobs or stomach ....or both (as you can see in the orange dress there is a slight showing of side boobage most of the time!) I wear this dress without a bra and use the delightfully named 'Gel Petals'. Word of warning - they look REALLY WEIRD and so if you do end up flashing people you will be forever referred to as 'the girl with no nipples'. I managed to persuade some of my ever-so-slightly gullible friends that they'd removed my nipples during my boob job and I had to wait six months while the scars healed before they could give me new ones - I KID YOU NOT, they believed me. Additionally, if you take them off and leave them lying around it is very likely your boyfriend will drunkenly decide to place them on his ears/eyes/nipples to his own delight and amusement and your annoyance (really).

This is a beautiful and versatile dress and SO COMFORTABLE. There isn't much stock left on the website I have included some links below and also some eBay links as that is where I bought my orange version from after it sold out on the Topshop website.

I will have more fashion and beauty posts from my recent holiday to Espagne after my bestie uploads her pictures as she has a fabulous high quality camera.

Purple split-neck halter dress from Topshop link
Petite size link

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