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Lancome Teint Miracle

 seen lots of people tweeting recently about what foundation to buy next and the disasters they've been having with break-outs or foundations that look orange and too heavy for the summer. I think we're all slowly realising that actuallythe lighter the foundation and the more beneficial the ingredientsthe betterThis is not only the case for the summertime - when you want your skin to breathe and not feel or look caked in make-up! -but it's also extremely beneficial for your skin to wear a lighter foundation.

Recently I have been using lighthealthier foundations such as: Dior NudeBare Escentuals and most recently MUFE Face and Body. I find that it gives me a much more natural look, my skin feels less tight and dry and my real skin (freckle face!) is actually visible - not hiddenn by a thickcakey layer of make-upMy skin looks more luminous and is actually able to breathe throughout the day.

Companies are always dreaming up new products which us women are cravingIt seems like right nowmost of us girlies are cravingsearching high and low for the new 'HG' foundation!

Well girls, read on, 'cos methinks I've found it...

Lancôme invents its first foundation that recreates the aura of natural light emanating from beautiful skin. Available only at Selfridges, Teint Miracle foundation is designed to create a complexion that appears naturally bare, flawless and luminous, as if illuminated from within. Its hydrating, non–greasy texture blends seamlessly into the skin to create a flawless complexion.

If you are currently thinking 'Well of COURSE she likes it - she got one FREE' - I haven't. I don't own this foundation myself. I also haven't been asked to write about it. I have tried it of course -but that's because it happens to me amongst the dozens of beautiful products I am surrounded by every day. I've had a play with lots of products since i've been here and have loved lots of them, but I obviously wouldn't write about them all!
I'm mentioning this foundation because I really feel like this could be the answer for some of us who are in the market for a new foundation.
I wouldn't mention a product unless it really excited me and this one does.
It launches today exclusively at Selfridges, I urge you to go and get a sample at least and just try it out for yourself.
Let me know your thoughts if you do get your mitts on it!

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