'Extension-free' - I don't think so.

Regardless of the constant drama surrounding her love life at least Cheryl Cole can relax knowing that she will no longer be subject to any drama surrounding her next set of hair adverts.

There was a furore over her claim that by using this L'oreal shampoo and conditioner - you could suddenly transform your hair into thousands of pounds worth of real human hair extensions. Oh, is that not what she was claiming? Because thats the only way any of us could hope to achieve the ridiculous Rapunzel-esque photo from the Ad campaign.

"It's got its mojo back" - No it hasn't Cheryl, It's just got some poor Russian girls hair glued to it.

So she decided to go 'shorter and sweeter' and remove the extensions, encouraging us to believe that this millionaire pop-star and fashion icon uses this £5 shampoo and conditioner to achieve her luscious locks.

And it might just have worked...

If we didn't have eyes. Nice try Cheryl.

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