Project Healthy Hair.


Loveliness. Help a Heart Campaign.

Week 1 winner: @SooperSandy (via Twitter), who nominated her 86 year old

WW2 veteran neighbour

SooperSandy’s hero nomination statement:

“My 86 year old WW2 veteran neighbour [is my hero]. He bought a wheelchair to take his 'old boy' pals (the 90 year olds!) to Burma Star events! Can't relate how fab my hero is in one tweet, he’s amazing; he gardens the no-man’s-land in our road and bought a bike last year!”

The Works with Water Nutraceuticals judging panel chose SooperSandy’s hero to receive the prize of a Healthy Heart Warming Hamper, as they admired the 86 year old’s spirit and kind nature in looking after his fellow neighbours and war veterans. The judging panel felt that his selfless nature really captures the essence of what the Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero campaign is all about, so was the perfect winner for the first week of the campaign.

Nominate your hero

(Stating who your hero is, their relationship to you and why they are your hero):

· Leave a comment on our dedicated campaign blog at

· Email us at

· Tweet to us on Twitter at, using the hash tag #HelpaHeart in your tweet

· Write on our Facebook wall at



Birffdayyy Girl.

Last Thursday it was my twenty second birthday. I am now officially getting old - as someone wrote on my Facebook 'Welcome to the Jungle - it sucks'.

Despite me banning anyone from saying my actual age I did have a fabulous birthday and I shall share with you my outfit, hair and make-up from the day!


Vajazzle for my..Blackberry?

Lots of people have been asking me where I got my BLING-TASTIC phone cover so I thought I'd just do a little post on it.


I want to be in America....

...and on March 18th I will be !

March 18th-22nd I will be in New York

22nd March-10th May I will be be in Florida!

Then (99%!) from May 24th for 3-4 weeks I will be in THAILAND with my beautiful cousin

(I definitely stole all these photos from wehearit)

2011 is going to be amazing I can just tell. I really really want to hear your opinions/advice of where to go in all of the places above. Nothing beats the opinions of actual friends when it comes to deciding where to go. It's mainly things i *must* see in New York and Florida/Miami as I have already got a pretty good idea of what to do in Thailand thanks to the gorgeous Tanya and her boyfriend Jim and watching their videos has made me SO EXCITED for Thailand!!


To make this beauty related I have been LOVING ridiculously bright lips recently. Pixiwoo have mentioned MAC's ''Lady Danger" and 'Impassioned' a lot recently as a fabulous bright colours and I have to say I ADORE them both:

First, Lady Danger:

P.S I copied this outfit from a certain Miss Cheryl Cole and the cardigan's from Aubin and Wills

Second, I wore MAC's 'Impassioned' and so did my beautiful friend Charlotte when we went as 'Mrs Clause' to Amika back in December. This is another great bright!

Finally, on New Years Eve I went for a Barry M '100'

Any other amazing bright lipsticks - I've got a MAC wishlist of about ten items I really really need to cut it down!

Hope you're all well xxxxxx
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