A face without freckles is like a sky without stars...

Okay, so it's a cheesy title but it's a Facebook group I saw years ago and joined because reading it made me smile. I'm covered in freckles and can vividly remember numerous occasions when whoever was sat next to me decided to 'see how long it would take to join up all my freckles' and proceeded to cover my arm in a spider web maze of fountain pen.

Luckily, I've never had an issue with my freckles and personally think they make my face more interesting and prefer it in the summer when they start to really show. But freckles are something that people have strong opinions about and a lot of people think they're adorable and others do everything they can to cover them up and complain when they start to appear in the summer months.

The beauty industry airbrushea models and celebrities skin to such a ridiculous degree so that they are blemish, pore and freckle free (don't even get me started on the whole white-washing debate). This is why Britain and Ireland's next top model winner Jade is such a role model for us freckle-faces because she embraces her freckles and refreshingly so do the companies she models for.

How she looks in her campaigns and photoshoots is exactly how she looks in reality.

(P.S her body is absolutely incredible isn't it! Inspiration right there!)

I adore my freckles but I suffer from uneven skin tone and I'm partial to a bit of fake tan so after I apply my foundation and bronzer I don't think my freckles are often evident in my blog photos so I thought I'd show a few fresh faced pictures from my travels (and me as a little'un) to show you all that I'm a true, certified member of the freckle-face-and-proud gang.

(And that I do embrace the natural look too!).

There are so many products on the market designed to lighten/eliminate freckles which I actually have a slight issue with. What do you all think about freckles? Have you ever or are you currently attempting to lighten your freckles? If so, why? I'm really intrigued. Is there such a thing as 'too many'? Do you try and cover them up - do you embrace them? And what do you think about Jade being crowned the winner on BINTM?

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