Candy Yum Yum (MAC)

During my seven weeks in Florida I may have made a few trips to the Mall and was lucky enough to strike up a conversation with a delightful MUA who worked at MAC who noticed I was wearing their 'Morange' lip stick so, correctly, guessed I was into my lipsticks and decided to let me have a little sneak preview of some new lipsticks from the yet to be released 'Quite Cute' Collection!

I immediately fell in love with 'Candy Yum Yum' and begged him to make sure that one was kept tucked away for me and I'd be back to collect it - and after nagging and begging Ryan to drive us to the Mall on the way to Disneyland (oh it was a tough seven weeks...) - collect it I did!

This is without a doubt the brightest lip colour that I own. See for yourself!

The first time I wore it (picture above) I wore it with full smoky eye makeup and lashes and when I looked back at the photos, I realised it was definitely a bit 'too much' (that's me being kind, If we're honest, I looked like a drag queen). Oh well, the only way you learn is through experimenting and trial and error, right!?

I believe this lipstick, as with most statement lipsticks, work best if you keep the rest of your makeup simple.

My other favourite statement lipsticks include MAC's Morange and Lady Danger. Do you have any favourites or ones to suggest? I heard that Cheryl Cole is a fan of 'Girl about town' (which led to me making a very irrational purchase from the mac website - because clearly a lipstick will make me look like cheryl) but I've found it doesn't suit me - it does, however, suit my mum and she is only a slightly darker shade of blonde than me. Have any of you tried it?

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