Eylure 107 False Lashs and Elegant Touch Envy Nail Wraps

I've just got home from the Eylure and Elegant Touch Blogger event and thought I would do a quick post. As you can see I was given lots of eyelashes to try (yay!) and will be taking a picture of each pair of eyelashes actually on and writing which number they are so that people can see what each pair actually looks like on, as opposed to just trying to 'guess' from how they appear in the box. I'm sure you've all done it even though it's pointless! Even if you pick them up and stare at them, pick up another box and compare the two then stare some more....you still really have no idea what they'll actually look like on.

In the above photo I am wearing Eylure 107 and I was wearing these before I came to the event as I wear Eylure false eyelashes almost every time I wear makeup. I have been buying and wearing them for well over a year now and they are my absolute go to brand for good quality, easy to apply eyelashes. I mention them in so SO many of my posts and I will continue to repurchase

I often buy the multipacks in Boots as they're 3 for £13 or I buy them from eBay in packs of six or in packs of three. 116 and 107 are my currently most-purchased eyelashes as I find them suitable for daytime and evening wear.

As I sat, bored on the train, faced with a two hour journey back to Bournemouth I decided to see just how 'simple' the new Elegant Touch Nail Envy Wraps really were. I applied these babies whilst on a moving train so while the results are obviously not perfect I am pretty happy with them. They are definitely not for everyone but they are right up my street and they're so eye catching and ridiculously easy to apply.

The photos were taken on my BlackBerry (PROBABLY THE ONE THING IT'S STILL USEFUL FOR! SORT IT OUT,YEAH?) so I also took a snazzy little HD video for you guys to see them better.

Unsurprisingly I got some seriously weird looks on the train taking videos of my nails (and photos of false eyelashes between my teeth) but enjoy! Hope it's useful x

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