Red lip revisited

If you cast your minds way back to December 2009 (or just click here to refresh your memory) you may remember that I briefly flirted with the idea of rocking the red lip. This love affair didn't last long and I quickly reverted back to my trusty pinks and nudes.

Almost a year later I was off to a 'One night in Vegas' party and decided that a bright red lip would be perfect. I had recently purchased 'Lady Danger' from MAC and 'Cherry' lip liner, also from MAC on the advice of Pixiwoo, and proceeded to wear that combination followed by a clear gloss. Et voila.
I decided that I would move from a Las Vegas red lip to a festive red lip (and match my lipstick to my jumper....always a win) once again on Christmas day.

A few months later and a thousand miles away from home, whilst donning my Jones and Jones backless lace dress getting ready to go to see Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway in New York City, I decided that I would once again brave a red lip.

For all of my red lip looks I use MAC Cherry lip liner followed by MAC Lady Danger lipstick. Usually I use a concealer over the lips and most of the time I'll use a lipstick-fixer followed by a gloss.

Tonight I opted for just lipliner and lipstick (no concealer, no fixer and no gloss) and the lipstick lasted me right through a three course meal! Additionally, I feel this gives it a more sophisticated look (for work or formal event for it takes less time which is always a bonus) as opposed to the addition of a gloss on top which is probably more appropriate for a night out.

Maybe it's because I'm in my twenties now (DEAR GOD) or maybe I've just found the combination that 'works' for me but the red lip is a look I finally feel I can do.

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