My Look for the LOOK Show

On Saturday I attended the LOOK Magazine show with the gorgeous Louise from MakeupLoveer.

After battling our way through the, quite frankly, ridiculous/horrendous/obscene/terrifying/horrible (just pick your favourite adjective) crowds at the new Westfield at Stratford we had a lovely lunch at Wagamama's and then managed to nab some fantastic seats just as the show began. The show was fantastic and it's really got me thinking I need to put a bit more thought into my oufits, the musical number from Dionne Bromfield was absolutely fantastic and overall it was a great catwalk with some gorgeous looks.

I will do a full post on on the shows (I need to steal some photos from Louise as my camera died right before the show started - typical) but for now it's just a post about the outfit I donned for the occasion and the makeup, hair and accessories too!


Belt - H&M

Bag - 'Chanel' (/Thailand)

White Playsuit (on sale-£18!!!) from Paprika at ASOS

Lace Jacket - Topshop (this season, currently out of stock online)

Shoes - River Island (I have been wearing these in a lot of my outfit posts recently, I reach for them whenever I feel an outfit needs dressing up but I can't face wearing heels!)


The numerous string bands are from my 'Gap Yah' Travels (it had to be done!)

Large pink cocktail ring - Love Hearts and Crosses

Turquoise bracelet and earings - Bangkok market stall

Black and gold solid perfume ring - Juicy Couture (not only is this a gorgeous statement piece of jewellery but it is also incredibly useful - the show, naturally, had incredibly bright lighting and was packed therefore it was absolutely sweltering and the fashpack were all using their magazines as fans - I dabbed a little of the perfume onto my wrists to ensure I was still smelling fabulous dahhling!)

Face and Hair:

I kept my face makeup very simple (exactly the same makeup used in my 'no makeup makeup look') I just added a sheer wash of brown eyeshadow all over the lid and opted for a bright red lip. I used my trusty go-to favourite MAC's Lady Danger (post on this lipstick can be found here ). I had an absolute disaster with my hair so ended up whacking it up in a ponytail!

Did you go to the LOOK show? What did you think? It seemed so many people I follow were there but I only actually saw a few people (@llymrs @vipxo and @lilypebbles)! Link me to your posts in the comments if you did go.

Don't forget to check out Louise's LOOK Show OOTD post here!

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