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‘Don’t be jel’ - but AmyChild’s launched her brand new exclusive fashion and beauty range at Britain’sNext Top Model Live and ‘I’m not being funny babe’ – but I actually kind of love it.

I was lucky enough to interview Amy one-on-one for Jennifer Rosellenall about the range, her plans for the future, her celeb style icons andinspiration (A certain Miss. Cheryl Cole) and more! The interview will be up atthe end of the week but for now I bring you photos and images from the day shot by my fantastic photographer Yas.

The range iseverything you’d imagine from the original TOWIE Princess and more – it’stantastic, lashtastic and just generally fantastic. It’s sequins galore, overthe top, figure hugging body-con and totally glamorous.

The collectionfeatures over 20 pieces and ranges in price between £35 and £80. I wassurprised at how expensive the items were considering it’s her first foray intofashion but the boutique was absolutely packed all day at the event and whenthe shop went live the site crashed after just five minutes!

The boutique at theevent itself was bling-tastic and adorned with jewelled crowns andlarger-than-life photos of Miss. Childs. The beauty range packaging combines apalette of purples and looks surprisingly sophisticated (although her face ison a lot of the products and her name on every single one but then again she ISthe brand!)

The new tanning range is named: Slow Glow, Scrub it off, Slap it on, Up tan girl andMust be mist (definite favourites of mine are ‘slap it on’ and ‘up town girl’!) andshe also has her own tanning mitt.

Amy was wearing her own tanning range forthe event and I think it looks an amazing colour and I’m very excited to try itfor myself.

My favourite pieces from the clothing range are the ‘LuLu’ purple dress, the white ‘Dorothy dress’ -and surprise surprise – the silver sequined ‘Jessicca dress’ that Amy closed (and stole) the show with.

(Yas was taking photographs and Steven was filming the Kiss 100 Catwalk - so this is me attempting to work the boom..!)

Amy also has six pairs of eyelashesin her collection ranging from the subtle to the completely over the top witheverything in between including sequins, glitter and a natural pair of browneyelashes.

They retail at £6.50 for one or £10 for two.

Flirt 1 and 2. Tease 1 and 2.Temptress 1 and 2. Heartbreaker 1 and 2.

You all know I’m a false lash fanatic so I amincredibly keen to get my mitts on ‘Flirt 1’ for a subtle, daytime look and‘Heartbreaker 1’ for a super dramatic evening look.

You can purchase the clothing range online now and the beauty range will be available soon.

Below are photos from Amy's official website showing each piece and the price.

If you don't like this collection

'Shut up!'.


Lauren Goodger also launched her re-branded ‘Lauren’s Way’ at the event, which I will be covering tomorrow. I personally believe there is a huge market for both brands and I absolutely adore them both (the brands and the girls themselves).

Although both from TOWIE the girls are very different in appearance, figure, personality and dress and this is reflected with regards to the packaging, products, brand naming etc of their respective brands.

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