Guess whose back....(back again)

Back in March I packed my bags and left on a jet plane....

I spent March-May in The United Stated of America and spent far too much in Victorias Secret, met all the Disney Princesses, saw Daniel Radcliffe in Broadway, went to Times Square, Drank ButterBeer, bought a wand and swam with dolphins.

Then I went off to Thailand for a month (I did bring a different suitcase not the ridiculous bright pink one!) and it was AMAZING. I had the best time ever it's an absolutely incredible place. I cannot possibly put into words all of the things I did it and how fantastic it was - it was just incredible.

If you ever get the opportunity to go travelling - DO IT! GO! If it's for 3 weeks or 6 months just get out there and see the world. it's scary but it's amazing and I just had the most amazing experience.


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