Topshop Delights... OOTD (Video)

As pretty much everyone knows I have been on bed rest for the last week recovering from my boob job (I could call it a breast augmentation, plastic surgery, my surgery, my operation, or even my 'procedure'... but come on, let's just say it like it is). Today I needed to film something so I enlisted the help of my 82 year old grandad.

Although a legend in many ways and often described as a 'freak of nature' - the man does sit ups every morning and walks the dog for two hours a day - him and technology just really don't mix very well.

The result of the filming can be seen below, and although I achieved nothing of any real use I did look at the footage and realise it shows off my outfit very very well so I shall post it below for you all to chuckle at the combined stupidity of my grandad and I and to take a glance at my outfit!

Kimono: Topshop
Scarf: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Tee: All Saints
Shoes: ASOS

-P.S Yes this is my 'new figure' in this video and I'm wearing a sports bra, a baggy top, a scarf and a baggy Kimono so you really can't see the shape at all but I think it's pretty goshdarn clear that I am not going to be the next Jordan (as I tried in vain to explain to everyone...).

So apologises to anyone who was expecting me to rock up with a brand spanking new glamour-model-esque figure -
that was never the point.

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