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I know that everyone is doing 'Summary' posts at the moment but this one is going to be a bit different. I'm going to do a Friday Summary every single week and it's going to include a little summary of my week but most importantly I'm going to include the press releases and information that I have been sent throughout that week. This is also going to include any discount offers, promotions etc that I know about so I do hope that the Friday Summary will always include at least one thing that interests you!

I get sent lots of press releases from companies, brands, and girls who I really get on with but I always hesitate to just whack them straight onto my blog. It's boring, people scroll past them (I know I sure as hell do) and, well, I'm going to steal a twitter quote from Nicola here:

'Can't stand blogs that are just press release after press release, be creative & write your own content & stop kissing ass to get free shit' 
- I believe she sums it up pretty well!
But hopefully by condensing them all into one post, and including the press release and offers that I feel are GENUINELY interesting and worthwhile then I will retain a sense of personality about my posts and I will be sharing all the information I receive throughout the week with my lovely readers!

♥ Me, Myself and I ♥ 
My hair achieved using: Foxy Locks Extensions and Imogen's and Tanya's tutorials.

-All dressings are finally off the boobs! Yay!
-Leave two weeks TODAY for New York, Miami and Orlando!
- Pictures above are from a night out at 'Tiger Tiger' with my friend Ally.
-Found out I'll be working next week at the Excel in London as a hostess!
-Started going to the gym and eating healthier in preparation for the beach.
-Saw 'Just go with it' (so-so) & 'No Strings Attached' (MARRY ME ASHTON.)

Press Release Summary

KMI have decided to offer 30% off ALL their Phil Smith Extreme Style Products throughout the whole of March!

The products that I am currently loving from this range are the:
Xpert Sea Salt Wave Spray and the Xplosive Volume Spray

Click here and remember to enter the code:EXTREME30


Inspired by the sweet, fresh, intoxicating scent of Fig, Laura Mercier introduces a new scent to herdelicious Gourmand Body & Bath Collection, launching just in time for Mother’s Day, or for any daythat needs a touch of luxury. The indulgent essence of fresh Celeste Figs mingle with a dewy fruitbouquet of Apricot Nectar and sensuous Ylang Ylang to create a rich, luxurious scent, unlike anyother. The smooth, creamy notes have a soft sweetness, while the subtle green, earthy elementsadd an unexpected twist.

Laura created this deep penetrating crème that leaves the skin velvety soft. Richer in textureand emollients than her other crèmes, HAND CRÈME works over time to ensure the healthiest,smoothest hands. This amazing crème contains rich plant oils and essential vitamins to make thedriest skin like new – perfect to treat mum this April 3rd.

PRICE:Hand Crème: £13/€19
Launches April 2011Nationwide and London: Selfridges, Space NK, Harrods, Liberty, House of Fraser, BentallsRegional: Brown Thomas and Frasers

** *

20% off
Visit the online shop to see for yourself how much slicker it is and we’ll give you 20% off all of your orders until 9th March 2011. This is partly our way of saying sorry for any inconvenience for the website recently experiencing a few problems but also a thank you for your patience and continued support.

Simply enter promotion code 'web20' at the edit your basket page.

Megan Fox for Armani

Find out how to recreate Megan's look...

"The signature red, Rouge d'Armani 400 and Luminous Silk Foundation N° 2 add smoulder to Megan Fox's porcelain skin, explains Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, the talent behind Megan Fox’s fascinating look. The laser cool blue of her eyes is accentuated by the modern smokiness of mixing two shades of eyes to kill intense eyeshadows (N° 2 and N°11). Finished with eyes to kill excess mascara (N°1). Her look is drop dead seduction."

For more information on Armani Code and to buy online visit

Just so you all know, NONE of the links on my blog are affiliate links which means that I do NOT get paid if you click on anything from my blog or buy anything that I have mentioned in this post.

I am sharing the codes and information with you because I love these three brands, I love their products and I want you to know about them!

That is the only reason. Simples.

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