I just spent AGES on Youtube and Google trying to find the video of the Clark's 'New Shoes' advert from the 90's but apparently it's nowhere to be found! Please tell me that you all remember a time when everyone went around shouting 'OOOO - NEW SHOES!?'

Anyway, in case you hadn't guessed, I bought some NEW SHOES.

STRUT Glitter Heel Platform Shoes

SWAGGER Block Heel Platforms

As you can see they are not for the faint hearted and they're most definitely not subtle but I think they are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for going out. It was hard to photograph them as the light kept reflecting off them like a disco ball. I was worried they might look slightly tacky or cheap but I am pleased to say that they look neither in real life. They are a true to size fit and both are very comfortable to walk in with a very solid heel - be warned though - they are HIGH.
Sadly, these babies weren't in the Topshop SALE but click the link and have a browse as they have a very good selection of stuff at the moment. I'm not normally one to spend lots of money on shoes and handbags so this was a rare splurge for me. My favourite shoe-shops of the moment include Boohoo and MissGuided who both do amazing shoes all around the £30 mark.

Thoughts on my ah-may-zing new shoes? Are you an accessories girl with hundreds of pairs of shoes and bags or the total opposite like me?

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