'Kor(res) Blimey!

Like the title? No me neither but it was all I could come up with. Anyway please forgive the terrible play on 'Korres' but today I decided to use my brand new 'Korres Wild Rose Foundation'

It came with a little sample of the moisturiser as well so I decided to use it instead of my normal moisturiser!

The blurb for the foundation is as follows:

'A brightening foundation that provides flawless, long-lasting coverage and a protective SPF 20. A natural, antiaging foundation formulated with Wild Rose extract, a potent source of vitamin C. A micro-patch of natural polymers with regenerating properties provides long-lasting moisturization and is clinically proven to extend the wear of the foundation' and it has a star rating of 4.5 on http://www.sephora.com

How I found it:

I used my Benefit foundation brush to dab it onto my face and then blend it in. I found it to be a very light feeling foundation with a very light consistency. It blended fairly well - I had to spend a bit of time ensuring there were no patchy places but overall it was a very quick and easy application. My face instantly felt soft and smooth and it felt nice and moisturised and fresh not - cakey or heavy or dry/tight as I sometimes get. My boyfriend commented it gave a nice 'glow' and the coverage was medium/light but it really did 'brighten' and even out the skin tone. It could possibly become a new 'HG' product!

No light! (check out the gorgeous necklace from ) http://www.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk

In the proper light&flash!! (again note the purdy necklace)


Korres wild rose foundation
MAC nc30 and nc25 concealers
MAC MSF medium
MAC blot powder medium
NARS laguna
MAC pinch o'peach

MAC - Hue

My 'treggings' are from Topshop (FML they are tight) Cami is Topshop and Cardigan is old and random :p Necklace (not very clear) and RING (left hand, round Harry's waist!!) are from check out the gorgeous necklace from ) http://www.loveheartsandcrosses.co.uk - enter JENNIFERROSELLEN at the checkout for a 20% discount

I also bought these little gems:

NARS blushes - Madly and Super Orgasm


Mac eye make-up:As I mentioned in my last post it's my friend Charlotte's leaving party tonight and so I decided to alle on over to the MAC counter today and ask them to work their magic on me and create a sexy smokey eye look for me and this is the result!:

The first two photos are right after it was done and the third was taken about ten minutes ago after I had applied some more mascara - ready to go out!

The colours used were:

Painterly paint pot (Base)
Crystal (inner corners)
Avalanch, Knight Divine & Topographic (smokey eye!)

And my lovely boyfriend treated me to the 217 and 219 MAC brushes!


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