Skincare and tousled hair

I have spent the last hour or so (it was suuuch an effort) compiling a little flow chart (I'm such a nerd) illustrating my daily skincare regime - morning & night-time! Unfortunately the brand 'Skinceuticals' - which the majority of my products are - are only available in certain Beauty Salons and the prices are only available in dollars on the US website so I didn't bother adding them in. My suggestion to you guys is to go to any reputable Beauty Salon near you and ask them for samples as they last a long time! Then you can ask the prices and see if it is worth spending the money.

Skincare Regime.

Essentially it goes like this:

EVE LOM Cleanser & muslin cloth

EVE LOM Cleanser & muslin cloth
SKINCEUTICALSRenew Overnight Dry
& sometimes ST Tropez rapide face - medium

I was originally given different samples of the Skinceutical prices but some of the prices were absolutely extortionate (£100+ per item!) so the amazing staff basically went through and found the closest cheaper alternatives - this is one HUGE plus of getting your skincare from a beauty salon as they really know what they are talking about and recommending PLUS they will have an actual idea of what your skin is like, what it needs, what it might react to and like/not like etc!
I purchased the Skinceuticals - Serum, B5 Gel and Daily moisture and it came to about £150. They didn't have the 'renew overnight dry' stocked so they gave me 4 samples for free! And the Eve Lom cleanser is fabulous so I didn't need to buy a cleanser from the line.

You're probably thinking that this is a ridiculous amount to spend on skincare but I have struggled with bad skin for a long time. I suffered horrible in my teens (I suppose as most do) but it ruined my self confidence and I just used to cry and cry because I made such an effort and used so many products but nothing worked - this is when I started having regular facials and buying more expensive, skincare expert recommended products.

Below are the two products I credit with clearing up my skin (and the pill 'Dianette'):

I understand that people are reluctant to spend lots of money on skincare but to me your skin is so important it is worth investing it. All of these product only need to be used sparingly and I purchased the Skinceuticals ones at the beginning of the Summer so in three months I have used just over 1/4 of the liquids and about 1/10th of the moisturiser so the money spent means I have not needed to buy ONE more skincare product in the last 3 months and probably the next 4/5 more at least therefore I find it more sensible to find a good skincare regime and use it religiously as opposed to buying every new product on the market every other week! With the Jan Marini products the acne gel lasts forever because it is so strong you literally need a DOT that is all ! (Word of warning - the Jan Marini products sting quite substantially and really dry out your skin at first but persevere and the results are amazing - invest in a goooood moisturiser!)

If you look really hard pretty much all of these products are available on Ebay so get hunting - Although I would be cautious as I once received a 'fake' Clinique Moisture Surge - god knows what was in it but it was not the correct Clinique product and it felt disgusting, looked totally wrong and smelt vile ! So use a trusted seller if you are buying something you intend to smother all over your face.

Let me know your skincare regimes? Any products you found amazing? Have you used any of these and liked/dislikes them? Do you think cheaper drugstore/chemist brands are just as good???

This is a 'drugstore'/chemist product I swear by to remove my layers of mascara:

Tousled Hair

This was last night in a 'Revision Break' and I had a shower and I used my Frederic Fekkai products (see older posts for full review) and I 'borrowed' some of my housemates TIGI 'Cocky' - Thickening paste:

Which was super sticky and left my hands feeling vile but i scrunched and tousled and twisted my hair and sprayed it with some hairspray and this was the result! I really liked it - what do you guys think?

Unfortunately I slept on it and this morning it just looked a bit scraggly and it's kind of hard from the paste and hairspray but YAY for the whole hour it looked good!

Thanks to Faye at who alse tagged me for the 'I think your an awesome girl award' (I tagged my ten blogs a few posts down!)

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