Maybelline Pulse Perfection - Review

When I saw this for the first time in Boots I pressed the 'on' button and felt the wand and remarked 'It doesn't even vibrate!' and saw the price (£14 or so) and walked straight past it! However, after seeing a few reviews on blogs and YT and as it is now on offer I decided I would pick one up and see if it worked for me, if I liked it and if the vibration really is 'just a gimmick'.

The blurb:
It has a Patent-pending elastomer brush vibrates 7,000 times per stroke. It provides clump-free definition, intense color, and shine. It's waterproof; also available in washable formula. It builds lash volume, length, and adds curl and has a buildable formula.

The first photo labelled 'dramatic' is from yesterday when I used the mascara when I applied four coats. I purposely did not 'wiggle' the mascara wand at all as I wanted to see if the vibration had any effect. I have to add that although you cannot see the wand vibrating when you use it on your eyelashes you will definitely be able to feel that there is one! I applied the mascara by looking down into a mirror and very slowly brushing the wand straight up through my eye lashes pausing for a few seconds at the roots. I repeated this for the bottom lashes but I found I did have to 'wiggle' the mascara slightly to coat the inner lashes.

I found that the vibration kept on stopping as my finger kept sliding off it/not applying enough pressure and it is quite difficult at first to get the hang of keeping your finger pressed firmly down and not moving the wand at all. However, you quickly get used to this new application method. As you can see on the right of the photo my eye lashes look jet black, defined and very lengthened - they look curled (i did not use a curler) and thick on the top and bottom. On the left hand side they are slightly 'clumpier' (BUT this was also the case when I used 'lash blast' so I think this might be my eyelashes!!) and if you want to use the vibrations to remove clumps - don't bother; further application of the product only increases the 'clumpiness' and you have to use the wand without the vibration to try and rectify it!

The photo labelled 'day time' is from this morning when I was in a rush and only had time to apply two coats. I have to say that this mascara is not 'quick' - you have to apply it very slowly and hold it at the tips of your lashes. Once again as you can see it gave a fantastic colour and really lengthened , curled and volumised my lashes as before. The left side is not AS clumpy so you do master the art of applying it quickly (this was the second time I used it!). On both photos you can see that the mascara does not smudge on either the top or bottom lash line which makes it a very clean and smart appearance.
Finally, the last photo labelled 'after crying!' was taken this evening after I got slightly upset and tearful - I was amazed that I was not left with any black lines down my face and my mascara still looked perfect! The quality is not great but you can see that 5 hours later and after crying the mascara still looks great so it is definitely waterproof yet it is an absolute dream to remove!

Overall I feel this gives mascara a very different look to any other mascara on the market at the moment. I believe it would be a great look for day-time or work as it gives you fantastically black lashes and great definition and curl without looking spidery or over-the-top. I will be re-purchasing this mascara soon as it is on offer - I believe the normal price tag is too expensive. I did not 'wiggle' my wand at all and the vibrating wand was able to coat and separate each lash so in my opinion the vibration has to be adding something and I don't think it is a gimmick! Tomorrow I will be trying it without using the vibration so I will be able to say for definite then.

This is a super long review but I felt I would try and be thorough as there is so much debate regarding this mascara!


The bigger picture - a very natural day-time, subtle and work-appropriate look! I am wearing 'Sheer Cover' powder over the top of my Korres foundation as opposed to my usual MAC msf& Blot powder and I LOVED it today - It blended in seamlessly and left me shine free for hours. But I am going to wear it for a few more days before I do a full review. (p.s I am still a bit swollen but this is the first photo of me from the front hehehe!yay!)

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