Sexy Big Hair.

So my parents have decided to steal my camera for ce soir so no NEW pictures so I thought I would start with a product review.

BUT FIRST, my friends, Some background info.

Firstly, I have always been depserate to be a blonde. Some proof? -

I have also had every hair colour under the sun.....

(Click for bigger photos - and a good laugh at the hideousness that was my awkward teenage years...)

And have used both real (glue-in) and clip in hair extensions.

(First two clip in, second two right.) And right now I have to say I LOVE how glue-in extensions look for the first month and I have had them twice now but both times after taking them out my hair was dead and matted and just vile. I would not reccomend them to anyone. They fall out in clubs and you look like a freak, guys can't touch your head without feeling weid lumps, You can often see the bonds, they get tangled in the underneath parts. Even if clip-in is temporary and more effort to do every time you go out they are SO MUCH BETTER FOR YOUR HAIR! Trust me.

I'm also a fake tan JUNKIE a make-up obessive and a product queen - You don't need pictures the orange-ness, lashings of make up and blondeness speak for themselves.

Hopefully i've proved my worth now in girlworld! I aim to offer loads of tips and my own experience but also want to learn loads from reading the other amazing blogs and from any comments from my readers (when I get more than two. here's hoping!)

I will also be running some competitions and stuff so do keep checking and follow me.

*~ Product Review ~*

So I stopped straightening my hair about 3 months ago as I realised it was never ever going to get in better condition (Over bleaching, over straightening, glue in hair extensions etc.) Living without my GHD's was unimagnable to me until I found this amazing amazing line from Frederic Fekkai.

The shampoo and conditioner are 'Full Volume' and are AMAZING I just adore them both. They clean your hair really well they smell yummy too. The shampoo, after you wash it off, leaves your hair quite tangled BUT just add the conditioner and then comb it through and voillaa no more tangles.

I then use some heat products which I will review another time and I spray on the 'beachcomber' leave-in conditioner. This stuff smells AMAZING. Sometimes leave in conditoners can really weigh your hair down and make it feel lank and greasy - this is one is so light. I did originally use it on holiday but I re-ordered yesterday as I love it so much!

I then blow drow my hair 80% dry and then spray in the 'Marine Hair'. I spray it over my hair (not the roots) and 'scrunch it' (I will post a video soon). I then wait for it to dry completely and then will shake my head around and scrunch some more, bit of hairspray and VOILA! It doesn't leave your hair crunchy or sticky it just leaves it wavy/tousled. A simple way to get nice hair without any heat and another interesting way for us shorter-haired girls to wear our hair!

Everyone says it looks so much bigger now then when I wear it straight. I loovve it!

I always add a little plait on the left hand side. Sometimes on the right. And i wear a little flower clip some times too. If anyone has any tips on cute shorter hairtyles comment and let me know!

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