Red lip

Tonight I went to a family party and was feeling lazy. I hadn't fake tanned so I was rocking the pale look and I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair so I batisted it, added my extensions then put it in a messy pony tail. I decided that I would attempt a totally different make-up look as no-one I knew was going to this party so I went for a classic, grown up 'Red Lip'.

I patted Benefit Erase paste (n.2) over my lips and then blotted with a tissue. I then lined the outside with Bobbi Brown lip liner (Candy) and then filled in the entire lip. I then used Benefits 'Pocket Pal' and used the red Benetint on my lips applying three coats in all and then topped it off with the clear lip gloss. I then re-lined the edges of my lips.
Et voila!
Personally, I thought it would have been great for going to work or a sophisticated night out but I felt a little daft! Especially as I bumped into someone from Exeter Uni and felt like a right dick talking to him - I hated my hair, how pale I was and was so worried I was going to end up with lipstick on my teeth! I also felt I looked far too grown up and completely un-like ME if that makes sense.

For my eyes I used Rimmel VolumeFlash Max and Lancome Hyponose. I went for the subtle eye look as my lips were so bright but I think if I did it again I would use slightly more eye make up - probably some big false eye lashes. On a positive note WOW that stuff really 'stains'; sorry if that is a stupid observation but I managed to drink and eat some cheesy chips (mmmmmhmmm healthy) and looked in the mirror and my lips were no longer glossy but the colour remained!

Finally, I used 'MUFE Mate +' Foundation and WOW. I loved it. First foundation I have ever used that I didn't have to use powder to set! Also felt heavenly on my skin. Will use it a few more times and do a review. I also used the 'HG Powder' and can't really see what all the fuss is about. My skin looks nice in the photos but nothing special!

Finally, I just want to salute the goddess of the effortlessly cool red lip.

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