The Blues.... and Donny Osmond.

...Blue nail varnish that is!

Okay guys, LOVE IT or HATE IT ?

My Boyfriend: 'I hate it i think it looks horrible. I keep thinking you're wearing a plaster and then realise its your nail varnish.'

Mother: '............Welll. It's not something *I* would wear but I can see how it could be trendy.'

What do you guys think?
Its Barry M Nail Paint in Cyan Blue

I personally love it for the odd occasion. It's oh-so-bright and summery and the consistency of the nail varnish itself is perfect. You only need one or two coats max!


On another unrelated note my mum went to 'An Audince with Donny & Marie Osmod' last night and went backstage to the Green Room after and met Donny and Marie :p I'd probably be more jealous if I was 20 years older but HEY it's still pretty cool.

(She's the blonde!)
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