Redken Extreme Review

Redken Extreme - CAT - Protein Restructuring treatment

The blurb:

-Reconstructs and adds immediate strength to distressed hair. It contains Taurine for internal strength. Argenine for cuticle reinforcement and Lysine for. protective resurfacing
-Helps strengthen distressed hair without adding weight
-Contains patented taurine technology and cationic proteins
-Preps hair as a first step in treatment regimen

My thoughts:

I was recommended this product as I had/have severely over processed hair. It was over bleached and over straightened and it needed some TLC! Now this product is confusing because if you have hair like mine you immediately want a product that makes your hair FEEL soft and smoother yet this does the complete opposite - it makes your hair feel completely knotted and tough however the hairdresser informed me that all of the moisturising treatments do have a great superficial effect and 'instant fix' effect - yet do not really help repair the actual structure of the hair as they purely address the protein bonds responsible for moisture not hair strength.

I was told to use this every 3 washes but I probably use it every 5 or so. You shampoo your hair and then towel dry it and spray this product all over the hair - literally douse your hair in it so it feels soaking wet again. DO NOT COMB THROUGH! As I said, it makes your hair feel horribly knotty and i advise you to use your hands to massage it in. The bottle says leave for 2-3 minutes but I was told to leave it for 5. The hairdresser normally washes it out and repeats (but I don't always use it twice and it works fine for me i think this is only when I am having it dyed). When you wash this out your hair will feel horrible yet in a strange way i can almost feel that my hair is 'tougher' or 'stronger'. This horrible feeling will go away once you condition it.
I will continue to repurchase this product as I believe it has completely restored the strength to my hair - I can not only see the difference but I can feel it it is both fuller and thicker. If your hair is damaged, over processed or you bleach or straighten it then your hair will be in need of the protein which this product delivers - it is an absolute must-have hair-saver! (Just follow with a conditioner and preferable a conditioning treatment! - a top tip is to sleep in the treatment and wash it off in the morning. The longer it is in your hair the more good it is doing - [except for the CAT protein treatment!!!])

The picture above shows you what the product looks like in reality and you can see that I really do love this product as I only have a teeny bit left and this is my second bottle! It's quite expensive but it really does help restore your hairs strength so it is worth the money (RRP £12)

P.s a little 'tip' that I have been given by two hairdressers is that the hot oil treatments that you can buy at the chemist/drugstore - do NOT work - at all - if anything they are actually bad for your hair especially coloured hair. Does anyone use this regularly and have any thoughts? Any hairdressers care to shed any more light on this issue?

Product Review

Redken - Blonde Glam - Pearl Glam
The blurb:

Redken Blonde Glam Pure Pearl Color-Activating Treatment for Ultra Pale Blonde Highlights is a color-depositing deep conditioner that helps neutralize yellow undertones to refresh, brighten and enhance ultra pale blonde highlights while adding multi-dimensional shine.
My thoughts:
Firstly - this is only for the super duper blondies like myself! Now I have briefly mentioned how I had glue in extensions and full head of bleach after full head for over a year and eventually my hair just said 'ENOUGH!@ and promptly decided to fall out in bubble-gum like strands all over the hair dressers floor *moment of silence for my poor lost hair*... so needless to say I learnt my lesson. Bleach is bad -very very bad. But i love being blonde. This my friends was a dilema! But never fear because my hairdresser recommended this little gem to me and I didn't have to dye my hair brown and leave the days of bimbo-ness behind me!

Ever since I over-bleached my hair I have stopped dying the roots so the majority of my hair has not had colour on it for over a year and this is the current colour of it:

(On the right.) So as you can see the colour on my lengths has become a fresh and clean, bright blonde ! And it is all thanks to this product. Every time I have my roots dyed the hairdresser uses this product instead of a toner (it is a treatment as well so it is 100000x better for your hair) so my roots always look BRIGHT blonde and not brassy and this actually extends to the rest of my hair meaning I have not had to put any colour on my lengths whatsoever as they are kept looking bright and fresh. Anyone that bleaches their hair knows it can start to look brassy and dull and even orangey - I despise that and every time I use this product my hair looks refreshed and bright it is one of the few products that does exactly what it is suposed to. It has even changed the colour on the lengths from a dull orangey to a lighter blonde - without bleach! Plus it works as a treatment and it smells absolutely divine.

It's a purple colour which looks kind of in-between the colour my camera is showing it (right with flash, left without!)

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