Mac splurge!

But firstly I thought I would keep with the trend and post my Outfit of the Day and my Face of the Day and secondly I Just quickly wanted to say how much FUN this is and I wish I had started sooner hearing of all these events everyone gets invited too etc! Everyone that has followed me I appreciate it SO much and i'm reading all your blogs too! I'm up to 32 now which is a pretty good start so I'm really happy and HIIII to all the girls now on Twitter and if you haven't added me then DO SO

Posey Posey!!! It is as follows:
Blue boyfriend blazer from Topshop
Ditsy Floral Dress from Topshop
H&M Black Flats
Tiffany necklace (from the boyfriend !) - I always wear it.

Onto the make-up...

Firstly I got 'MAC Fix+':

I first bought this back in January and it hasn't even run out yet!!!! And I use it EVERY time I do my make-up and sometimes to refresh it - I just adore it so so much. It makes your face feel less dry and tight and it really cools you down before you put your foundation on. I just adore it. I use it as a 'refresher' and also as a primer I guess, I use it after moisturising before foundation! I don't use it as a finishing mist but it says you can on the box. - Don't spray TO much or you end up with a dripping wet face instead of a lightly spritzed one!

For my face routine I re-purchased MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark - I adore this too and this was also a re-purchase. I used to use Rimmel Translucent Powder religiously but then I was introduced to this and although it IS more expensive (I hit pan on this and the mineralize finish horrifically quickly) I use it all day every day and I never seem to go too 'cakey' or 'powdery'. I apply it with a brush though not the puff it comes with as then it is too heavy. Even though it is 'medium dark' which sounds absolutely terrifying as I used to use translucent it does not make your face go darker and darker each time you use it nor does it make you look like a ghost - it barely leaves any colour behind. I love it!

The second and brand spanking new purchase is two MAC Studio Finish concealers. NC25 for my dark under eye circles (I applied the product in the shop, over foundation and concealer so the true effect couldn't be seen but anyway, and it really seemed to brighten the under eye area) and NC30 for redness - I suffer from this on my nose and chin, I applied the product to my chin and it blended really well so I will keep you guys posted on how these concealers go!

I also purchased Mac Fluidline BlackTrack - I have *never* used a gel eyeliner before so I had to have her show me how to apply it anyway I was really impressed with how it looked after she had finished.
Below is my eyes in the morning with no eyeliner (if it looks like i'm wearing any it's badly applied smudged mascara!) and below that is after she applied the eyeliner to my lashline and waterline. (OOOoohohoo you can't really see but I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time and can I just say OUCH!!!! They look nice but not much different from waxing the one advantage I believe I will gain is that when I have my eyebrows waxed the skin surrounding them goes bright white and thus i have big white patches regardless or how much fake tan, concealer or bronzer I apply - try as i might the area stays white! Apparently I wont get that with this...we shall see. Any 'threaders' here?)

FINALLY...... The Lipsticks!

I tried four (My lips started to hurt after scrubbing them all off and re applying and scrubbing again..gah!) - I didn't buy 'St Germain' as I felt it was a bit too pink and my friend basically told me I looked ridiculous! I settled on: Politely Pink, Angel and Snob. The first two actually are very similar but Snob is a very very bright pink. Pictures below - The picture of the left is without flash & on the right is with flash. All the lipsticks are a lovely creamy consitency in huge contrast to the Barrm M lipstick I applied that morning which instantly appeared dry and cracked.

So that's my MAC Haul for today. Thoughts please? I decided not to buy studio fix even though I wanted to beacause A) I spent way too much anyway, B) I have just ordered this after seeing a review (I can't remember who and I have spent ages trying to find the link but can't, it was someone who ended the post '6 hours later...still bright!' if its you comment here and i will link!) :

AND C) As suggested by Hannah at I went to the Bobbi Brown counter and got samples of the new 'Skin' foundation in 'Beige' So I will be reviewing that too! Exciting times lie ahead my friends :p

I also bought some new rings from Accessorize:

My friend and I booked ourselves in for a FREE make up session with the Bobbi Brown make-up artists on the 6th September so I am excited for that! Plus I have a load of ELF cosmetics arriving soon including some new brushes and last night I ordered some jewellery from so I can't wait to show that off AND finally is having a blog sale and I got the Benefit her glossiness lip gloss (lovelovelove it) so head on over there girlies!

I hope this post was informative. The Blot Powder and MAC Fix are two absolute staples or 'HG' products (I'm getting the lingo..ha...) but the others I will keep you posted about - especially when I have to apply the gel eyeliner myself THAT should be interesting! Quick question - MAC has like a million trillion eye shadows and they aren't on earth do you guys choose which ones you want!?? My head almost exploded just trying to decide which ones to try on, plus, I can't seem to justify spending that much money on an eyeshadow when I could buy 4/5 for the same price elsewhere. Are MAC eyeshadows really and truly just that little bit better? Opinions please.

Any comments or questions feel free to leave them below and I'm sorry if this is very image heavy but for me I lovelovelove looking at all the pictures you guys post!

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