The worlds simplest nail art - no pens, no brushes, no fuss and no skill needed!

Nail art looks awesome - right? Nail art is a massive effort and takes lots of time, effort and specific tools - wrong!

Using two of my new polishes from Gold by Giles at new Look and a kirby grip (one that had become bent out of shape and so was no longer useful for it's original purpose - don't ruin a good kirby grip!) I created these striped candy inspired nails.

 If you're lazy like me go and grab a kirby grip and get nail-art-ing! No it isn't perfect but if you suddenly fancy experimenting without spending lots of money on nail art pens that, lets face it, you'll probably use for a week and then lose, this is a very simple and effective method. 

If you want to see some fancy dan proper nail art then check out Sarah's blog who was my inspiration for this look.

Whilst I'm singing the praises of New Look, you must watch The New Look PR Teams version of that infectious 'Call me Maybe'. For no other reason than it will definitely brighten your day and make you wish you worked in the New Look offices...

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