Want to make a statement? Statement Jewellery from Jon Richard

I have to truly love a piece of jewellery to add it to my 'everyday wear'. So far I have my Tiffany ring, my Thomas Sabo bracelet and numerous friendship bracelets picked up from my gap year travels (Yah, I am a cliché). The latest addition is this divine Jon Richard gold bracelet which is inscribed with the Serenity prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Now, I am in fact an atheist, but I adore the sentiment behind this motto and it's a great quote to live your life by. If you follow me on twitter you will know I have a penchant for tweeting out inspirational quotes so I love being able to have one with me at all times. Not only is the inscription a meaningful and beautiful quote that but the bracelet itself is absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the addition of the three dangling hearts.

I am head over heels for these statement rings. I already own a jewelled leaopard and a snake so squeeled with delight when I discovered these two bedazzled gems from 'Mood' at John Richard. I really have no idea why jewelled animal rings appeal to me quite so much  - but I just love everything about them and these two are literally dazzling. I love the intricate detail and the sparkle-factor.

The above two pieces are two more of the delights from Jon Richard. The delicate pink and gold feather earrings are a feminine and whimsical delight and this gold statement necklace is perfect for dressing up any outfit. I have seen these necklaces absolutely everywhere so I am glad to have got my hands on one of this seasons most 'on trend' pieces.

I have some more pieces to show you over the next week or so and my aim is to be a bit more adventerous with my accessorising. I own so many pieces of fabulous jewellery and they spend far too much time sitting sad and abandoned in my drawers! Are you a huge accessories fan or do you just throw on some clothes and head out the door like I do?

Which is your favourite piece? Where do you buy your jewellery online - link me up please! Always great to find new online shops. I am loving Jon Richard, Dollybowbow and Accessory Stand at the moment.

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