Blemish Fighting: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

La Roche Posay skincare receives rave reviews which it thoroughly deserves as the skincare line offers affordable, high quality skincare and is widely and easily available. I have purchased a number of items from the range and will definitely be repurchasing the effeclar duo as I have almost finished the tube and it has become an integral part of my fight to keep my skin clear along with the Bliss Steep Clean Face Mask and my Cleansers

There is no denying that the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo packs a powerful punch 'Niacinamide and Piroctone Olamine to fight against bacterial proliferation and eliminate imperfections. Pores clogged with sebum: the combination of LHA and Linoleic Acid unclogs pores while eliminating the accumulated dead cells responsible for blockage'. The product claims 'The pores are purified. Even the most severe imperfections disappear. The skin is smoother and cleaner. Lasting balance-replenishment to restore all the qualities of healthy skin.'

Whilst I agree that this leaves your skin feeling smoother and cleaner and your pores, the majority of 'severei mperfections' sadly cannot be solved by a highstreet skincare solution so If you are suffering from severe acne I don't believe this will be your miracle cure.However I do believe that this product is incredibly effective for reducing and clearing mild to moderate breakouts and I use this product regularly on my chin. It it similar in appearance to a lot of other gel spot treatments on the market,such as Freederm, but the consistency is lighter - it errs more on the side of a light moisturiser than a gel-like thick consistency, and you could layer this under makeup or wear it at night and rest assured it would not be visible on your face and does not leave white 'bits' or obvious 'residue' on your face.

 Be warned, this product is as effective as it is drying so use sparingly, and don't be surprised if you experience some flakiness or redness the following day. Something I need to learn myself is that over-applying such potent products is only going to irritate the skin and not get rid of the spot quicker! You only need a small amount of the light feeling gel to cover a large area and although it does not sting or leave your skin feeling uncomfortable so you may feel it's fine to apply more - don't - it is very strong so seriously only  use a small amount!

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