DIOR New Look Multi-Dimensional Mascara

 Dior New Look Multi Dimensional Mascaras is the newest offering from Dior. It's a volume and treatment mascara. A Lash Multiplier TM serum treatment formula thickens, separates and extends the lashes for an 'infinitely multiple lash effect' and strengthens your lashes over time. The nano-brush is about half the size of a normal mascara brush which enables you to capture and coat every single lash, even the tiniest most awkward ones. I find it especially easy to coat the bottom lashes due to the length of the brush and it's easier to use the brush at a vertical angle to remove any clumps and to reach the inner and outer lashes.

  I think the photos show just how well this mascara works. One coat gives amazing length and a few more coats allows you to build up volume. I haven't curled my lashes or used any other mascara in these photos. Dior New Look Multi Dimensional Mascara is out now and retails for £23

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