bliss steep clean pore purifying mask:professional-strength mask for clearer skin

This face mask is one of my two favourites (the other being the Eve Lom Rescue Mask) for blemish prone skin. I use these masks at least once a week focusing upon my chin and nose. This face mask provides intensive exfoliation, dead cell dissolving, oil elimination and deep pore purging - it is also useful for preventing post blemish hyper-pigmentation (those horrible, stubborn darker patches left behind by spots).

I have combination skin which can be both shiny and dry and this mask is suitable for me as it targets oily areas without drying the skin. Many acne products leave skin red, right and flaking which is never a good look! This mask doesn't do that and it does not sting on application like a lot of stronger products. The reason for this is that the bliss steep clean mask contains 'smart sponge technology' and the science-y explanation for that is: 

'Tiny spheres filled with zinc gluconate (an oil regulating compound) are activated by oils in the skin and signal the release of the zinc gluconate to ''mop up'' oily areas of the skin without disrupting the skin''s delicate moisture balance.' - so in simple terms less shine and no flakiness!

When you press the pump you end up with a blob which is half yellow and half blue - make sure your face is damp and then apply and mix the two colours together to activate the exfoliating enzymes (plus it provides some amusement if you're simple minded like me) and leave for 15 minutes. It can be used once or twice a week and more product can be applied on particularly congested areas of the skin.

You can see that a little  product goes a long way - I have had this product since September. This has been a staple in my skincare routine since I visited the Bliss Spa for a facial back in September and find this mask extremely effective when I find a breakout occurring. It retails for £35.80

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