'Collection' - Collection 2000 re-brand and my top products.

Collection 2000 recently celebrated it's 25th anniversary and has undergone a re-vamp and a re-brand. It is now known as 'Collection' and has a 'new attitude, new look, new ambition, new edge'

'COLLECTION will be presenting its freshly painted face in respected retail outlets and we'll be brining with us a burgeoning bag of new products for everyone to try. We're keeping up with the trends, having fun with fashions and introducing quirky innovations into our own affordable ranges'

Collection is a range that fell off my radar for a while but is now a firm favourite. My absolute numero-uno product has to be the lasting perfection concealer which I use daily and included in my 'top five HG products'  and recently a few more products have caught my attention.


Metallic Cream Eyeshadow - 'goldrush'

The metallic eye shadows are a delight to work with as they are so pigmented and really last. I love how bright they are on the first application. I also love the slight cooling effect that occurs when you apply! These retail at £2.99 and include a range of 6. My favourite colour is seen here in ‘goldrush’ but I’m sorely tempted by the aqua blue ‘rockpool’ for summertime!

 Lock n Hold lipgloss - 'breakdance'

This lip gloss smells like a candy shop, it’s a strong smell and might be overpowering for some people so if you don’t like sickly sweet smelling glosses then step away! I, however, just love ‘em and this is a pretty pink delight for just £2.99 and there’s 6 colours to chose from.

'Multiplier' & 'Skyscraper' Mascara


The Skyscraper mascara has the most amazing rubber wand that results in a different lash look depending on which angle you use it which is an element I love as it enables you to achieve length and volume with just one mascara wand. The longer bristles coat your lashes from root to tip to deliver 'sky-high length' and the short bristles build volume from the roots to give precise definition. £4.99


The multiplier has a very similar plastic wand to Skyscraper except it is the same all the way around and basically does exactly what it says on the tin (tube…) and just massively ‘muliplies’ your lashes. (It’s brand new so I can’t find a price but I think it is also £4.99)

'Lasting Perfection Concealer'

Last but by no means least you can see here that I have used these concealers to within an inch of their lives! My puppy Oscar decided that my first tube was to become his chew toy so I purchased a second tube which now lives in the depths of my bag and has been used so much that the writing has completely faded away! I have raved about this concealer so much and it really is the best one I have ever tried in terms of coverage, ease of application, staying power and price. At £4.19 it is an absolute unrivalled winner for me.


Every single product that I have raved about here costs under a fiver and is damn good quality.  I have accumulated these products over the last few months at some events and also repurchasing and I know I will continue to do so. Collection has really upped their game and is producing some exciting new products so I really look forward to seeing where this range goes.

Oh and happy twenty fifth birthday Collection!

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