The Romantic Fishtailbraid styled at the Elnett LFW Blowdry Bar | Limited Edition Elnett Catwalk Collection

Everyone knows and loves Elnett hairspray. It's a complete classic - a must-have beauty staple.  I currently have two bottles of Elnett hairspray in my bedroom now, and at home our house is littered with cans as me, my mum and my nan are Elnett worshipers. It's the only hairspray that really does what it says on the tin and doesn't leave any sticky or crispy residue behind (I hate that - who wants crisps hair bleugh!) and I wont use any other hairspray on my hair. As an Elnett enthusiast, I was lucky enough to be invited alomng to the Elnett #ElnettGlam blowdry bar at London Fashion Week (everyone knows I'm totally addicted to blowdries!) to have my hair styled and to have a little peek at the Limited Edition Elnett Catwalk Collection. There were three signature styles to chose from at the Blowdry Bar ('The wavy side hairstyle', 'The haute couture top know' and the 'Romantic fishtail braid') and I went for a slightly different look than usual  and opted for the 'romantic fishtail braid'...

 Sadly Elnett couldn't actually perform magic and make me look like the model (boo - sad face) but they did a bloody good job on my hair, non!?  As you can see from the photo above I was staring intently in the mirror, spellbound, watching the Elnett wizards hands whizz my hair almost instantly into the intricate fishtail braid after loosely curling my fringe and the hair framing my face (and of course spraying with Elnett to hold the curl) and gently brushing through to create more of an undone, natural, effortless look. My aim is to learn how to recreate it and have been advised that 'Youtube tutorials and practice' I should soon get the hang of it! Obviously my hair was then sprayed with good old Elnett hairspray and - as I'm particular-penelope - I whipped the can away and gave my fringe another good spray to ensure the gorgeous style stayed firmly in place as I was rushing off backstage to Eugene Lin and had to leave the suite to brave the outside and battle the British elements.

What do you think of my fishtail plait - any tips (youtube tutorials etc) on how I can teach myself how to do it? It just looks so much more elegant than a standard plait so I really want to learn. What are your thoughts on the Elnett range? Are you an Elnett enthusiast like me (my mum and my nan!) - you should be!

Experience the magic of a fashion show with the new Limited Edition Elnett Catwalk Collection. Products come and go on the catwalk but one will remain iconic. For over 50 years, Elnett has been famous for its legendary hold and has become a cult favourite of runway stylists around the globe. This year, the iconic and recognisable hairspray has been reinvented to celebrate the Fashion season.

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