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Hi, I'm Jennifer, I'm 24 and I'm addicted to blowdries. Since having my amazing Tatiana Hair Extensions and seeing how fantabulous my new hair looked properly styled (and knowing, as we all do, what a total pain in the ass washing, blowdrying and styling our own hair is - why does it never look like after a saon trip!? - and now I had triple the amount of hair I usually do) plus the fact the style lasted and I only had to wash it once a week - I was hooked. I found a few wonderful places in Surrey but as I recently moved to London I needed to find a place in Chelsea that wasn't going to charge me £400 for a blowdry (oh believe me, some places around here will try...). I sent out a Twitter plea for anywhere that might be open on Bank Holiday Monday and, as luck would have it, the lovely Jean Queen herself Donna Ida suggested I give Blo a call.....

Thanking my lucky stars that I had even found a salon that was open on Bank Holiday Monday, I was mainly just relieved that I wouldn't have to attempt to sort out my own mane, so was completely surprised to find myself overwhelmingly impressed with the service and result of my blo hairdry.
On both visits my hair was double-shampooed and conditioner places just through the ends, combed through with a tangle teezer and the real hair london volume spray applied to the roots. I was asked what kind of blowdry I would like (you can bring pictures - on the second visit I showed a photo from the last visit there!) and I opted for a 'volumised' and sleek blowdry with curls on both visits. Three large rollers were placed throughout my crown and then the tongs were used to create loose waves through the mid-lengths to ends of my hair and finally sprayed with a spritz of hairspray (only a spritz-who wants crunchy hair!). Both times the results have left me with perfect looking hair for the next week, only needing Batiste on the roots after the fourth day- ahmayzing!

blo is the brainchild of Real Hair London (the flagship salon which offers a comprehensive list of hair services). blo is an express blow dry bar which aims to get you in and out in 30 minutes giving you a catwalk-worthy-do in next to no time and for a fraction of the cost of many London (and indeed Surrey) Salons.  The team of blo dry experts are fully trained by international session stylists who work on major runway shows here in london as well as new york, paris and milan and can accomodate any style you wish (the slightly older lady next to me - complete with teeny tiny purse dog - on my second visit made it very clear that she 'HATES IT WHEN IT FLICKS UP. DON'T MAKE IT FLICK UP. I HATE IT WHEN IT DOES THAT - her hair had no air of flicking-upiness when she left!).

blo is located at 6-8 Cale Street, Chelsea. Opening hours are 7.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday (YAY for being open on a Sunday! And Bank Holidays!!) You can call 020 7594 0250 to arrange an appointment, book online or you can also just walk-in. 
blo often has amazing deals on, for example for the month of August (when I had my first two blowdries there) a blowdry was £15 - and has now gone up to the still very purse-friendly price of £25. I have found my blowdry heaven at blo and cannot recommend them highly enough for am absolutely phenomenal blowdry plus a bloody great location and genuinely lovely staff.

(my hair on Saturday night after a blo blowdry)

A few other places that have worked their magic on my locks:

The Academy - Cobham 

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