Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex - Holy Grail Eye Cream

I reckon I have tried nearly every eye cream on the market, from the cheap-as-chips to break-the-bank and everything in between and had never really found one that did anything let alone impressed me...until now. I have genuinely, for the firs time, find an eye cream that I not only like but actually love. It all started after a little Estée Lauder splurge which (as a thank-you for spending a silly amount of money) resulted in a cute little freebie gift bag, Nestled among the contents was a little tube of Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex and I thought 'Hey, why not?'...

My initial thoughts were that the serum was delightful to apply and quickly absorbed, it seemed to sink into the delicate eye area as opposed to just sit on top like most creams I've tried, leaving the eye area feeling hydrated and soft. It also works beautifully under makeup too which is a huge bonus as most other eye creams seem to 'flake' off (know what I mean? ugh!) when you try and apply concealer etc over them, or they just feel far too heavy for daytime wear.

 This little pot lasted me about 5-6 weeks which is a fair amount of time to get to know whether a product works and I was enjoying how the product felt and the effect it had on soothing my puffy, tired eyes. As I hit pan on the pot it suddenly dawned on me to take a little closer look at my eye area and in a literal 'oh my god' moment I realised that my dark circles were not as prominent as before and on further inspection I noticed a genuine improvement in the little lines around my eyes. This is the first time - EVER - that I have seen an eye cream do anything at all so to say I was thrilled is an understatement. 

I have never, ever, not once in four years reviewed, recommended or repurchased an eye cream (although I do have a post on concealing pesky dark circles pre-Estée Lauder-eye-cream-using!) but *BEFORE* I even finished my sample pot I made damn sure I went out and purchased a full-size jar just so I didn't have to spend one single day without it (....and the Estée Lauder sales assistant had the most amazing eyelashes and I foolishly assumed that by purchasing the same Estée Lauder Mascara as her I too would have bambi-doe-eyes.... and then I spotted the newEstée Lauder cheek stains just staring at me in their swanky silly money spent once again on the promise of a prettier face I left with another freebie goody bag which contained another eye repair serum sample - yay!) so, whilst I am absolutely not promising miracles - an eye cream will never make you wrinkle-free that is why botox exists -  I have found this eye cream has genuinely improved my overall eye area appearence. It has decreased my fine lines, improved my dark circles and calmed my puffiness. I feel like the serum consistency is just SO hydrating - it just WORKS - which means the eye are is not dehydrated and thus far, far less 'crinkly' than it used to be. 

Happy, HAPPY days. 

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex costs £38 (for 15ml) - available here 


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