Viva Espagne! TBG is on Holiday | Blogging from The Riviera Del Sol

Hola! AAAAAAND that is about the extent of my Spanish...(except for una copa de vino blanco and, of course, grassy-ass). I am currently in Sunny Spain, sipping cocktails, enjoying the sunshine, mourning the loss of my iPhone (and subsequent Instagram withdrawal - IS EVERYONE STILL ARTFULLY AND COMPLETELY UNNECESSARILY AND RANDOMLY ADDING CANDLES/PERSONALISED NOTEBOOKS/VASES OF FLOWERS ETC IN THE BACKGROUND OF their PHOTOS!!? OH HOW I MISS THE CANDLES AND FLOWERS AND NOTEBOOKS. AND THE COFFEE CUPS- OH THE COFFE CUPS!) and becoming utterly bemused and bewildered as to how and why my boyfriend seemingly becomes more tanned and toned by the second, whilst I continue my descent into a pink and sweaty (literal) 'hot' mess. 'You look a bit pink Jen, I think you should maybe use a higher factor?' 'NO I DON'T LOOK PINK. IT'S DEFINITELY NOT PINK AND I DEFINITELY DON'T NEED A HIGHER FACTOR. SHUT UP. IT WILL GO BROWN. ANYWAY IT'S DEFINITELY NOT PINK AND IT'S DEFINITELY NOT STARTING TO GET QUITE PAINFUL.. IT'S...I'M..IT WILL...SHUT UP.' (It was pink. It's not turned brown. It is, actually, quite painful. I should have worn a higher factor). ANYWAY, I digress, I will be whacking up a few blog posts about some cheeky Duty Free purchases (yes, I went to Chanel), the lotions and potions I have been using out here and the outfits - including the most amazing bag and sandals from Zara and a ridiculously over the top hat that makes me feel like I should be in Cannes (but in all honesty probably just makes me look like a bit of a dick).
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